Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of June 16, 2017

Tip of the week: Great week for socializing, be it for personal or professional reasons.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Your mind flits from idea to idea and although stimulating and exciting, nothing will come of it if you don’t grab on to one thing and think it through. Conversations and communication of all forms is accented this week and you will be hard pressed to keep up with your already busy schedule. Money and finances will soon become important, so pay attention now. It is always nice to escape into the past and remember good times, but you aren’t interested in going back for any reason.
HINT: The beginning of this week is a good time to meet up with a fire sign.
Plans change as you are called on to end a helping hand to a family member. Always ready to jump in, this time you may have to cancel an appointment you were looking forward to. In the end you will be able to reschedule and in the meantime it is good to strengthen family bonds whenever the opportunity arises. Financially you are a little stressed, as you had hoped by now to be in a better place than you actually are. Don’t worry all will ease up in the weeks to come.
HINT: Sometimes it is difficult remaining silent, but in the end you will be glad you kept your thoughts to yourself.
Don’t waste time thinking ‘I should have’ or ‘if only I had’. You are a fine role model both in your personal and professional life and if you have missed something along the way, perhaps that was just part of the overall plan. No one is more important to you than family and you always make sure the connection is strong. Financially things are not exactly as you had hoped they would be at this point in time, but you did your best and slowly but surely all will ease up as the weeks go by.
HINT: A project which has lain on the shelf for too long needs to be re-examined and worked on.
You have the tendency to shoot from the hip and not everyone can deal with your brand of honesty. The problem is that you don’t care, which causes a rift that sometimes cannot be breached. This could be one of those times. Don’t let your pride put you so high up on that branch that you can’t come down. Finances are not your problem. All is well in that department.
HINT: A conversation with your partner or mate will help you to see things from a different perspective if you let their words penetrate and are ready to admit that perhaps you went a little overboard.
Things are actually looking up and financially you are beginning to relax and even put some money aside. The lines of communication between yourself and your partner or mate could not be better and together you enjoy both one-on-one quiet time as well as party time with family and friends. Important decisions are on the way and this is a good time for reviewing what you wish to do and where you want to be in the months ahead. A conversation with a sibling reminds you just how lucky you both are to have each other.
HINT: Your relationship with a Taurus is wonderful right now.
This is the week to enjoy some quiet relaxing time at home with your partner or mate. For too long you have been working overtime and trying to add more income for a trip in the summer. A person from your past is interested in renewing the friendship. You never forget and rarely forgive. Once your trust has been broken you will never go back. The middle portion of this week is good for getting caught up with some paperwork that has been piling up on your desk.
HINT: Before signing anything take a step back and review whether or not you really have the time and energy to invest.
Things are never as bad as they seem and there definitely is a light at the end of the tunnel. It might take some hard decisions on your part but you deserve a bright change. You have carried a heavy burden for so long that no longer are you tired, but you are questioning if it is worth it. Remember you are the most important person you know. Financially you continue to fight to get where you want and need to be. So many people are on your side, so never think that you are alone.
HINT: Time spent with your partner or mate is exactly what you need these days.
You hate not being in control, but there are some times and certain situations where you have to take a back seat and simply go along for the ride. Your partner or mate might not understand what you want right now, but the stronger you are the more secure he/she will eventually feel. Financially you are very close to where you had planned to be at this point and all is moving according to plan. Be patient with a fire sign you are close to. This person is going through a rough patch and may not be as receptive as they usually are.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are good days for working with an earth sign.
You are able to see the big picture and so many people rely on you for your wisdom and experience. An older member of your family is no exception and time after time you are there to calm the waters. This is a good week to get away from your office and enjoy visiting new and interesting places. The change is just what you need to get some perspective back in your life. Financially you have managed to stay within your budget while putting some money aside.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are wonderful days for pampering yourself and someone special in your life.
Circumstances have forced you to take a good hard look at what you want and what is really important in your life. You have the ability to see the silver lining in most clouds and feel things deeply. Sometimes you wish you could just take off and leave everything and everyone behind you, but in your heart you wouldn’t change anything and are grateful for all your blessings. Financially things are improving and all your hard work is bearing fruit. The people closest to you have withstood the test of time and are more like family than friends.
HINT: The last portion of this week finds you ready to relax at home.
Tired of treading water you are more than ready to move forward and take a front seat in changing your life. The changes aren’t major but will have a great impact on how you feel and how much energy you spend. Talk things over with an air sign. This person will help you get a bird’s-eye view, which will be a great help. Of course, the final decision will be yours. Financially you are tired of saving and this is a perfect week for some retail therapy.
HINT: The middle portion of this week is good for setting up an important meeting which could have a positive effect on your career.
Slowly but surely you are getting closer to attaining your goal and even though you are running out of patience, the lack of speed curtails most mistakes you would otherwise make. Financially your plan is working out even better than you had anticipated. A conversation with a family member about property and family assets will help answer some questions they had. You may not be as patient as usual with a sibling but trust yourself and speak freely.
HINT: The time is right to plan a short vacation with your partner or mate. The change of scenery will do you both good.