Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of May 22, 2015

Tip for the week: Think twice before signing contracts, important papers and always read the fine print.

A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope (photo credit: REUTERS)
A spiral galaxy known as NGC 1433 is seen in an undated image captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Wherever possible jot down your thoughts and take notes. You simply have so much on your mind right now that facts and figures may get mixed up or even lost which could cause you some difficulties and embarrassment in the weeks to come. When speaking with your partner and/or mate take a step back as a simple conversation could heat up quickly and words once uttered can never be taken back.
HINT: Financially you are prone to spend money on things you really don’t need this week, so if you don’t have the cash in your pocket, don’t use plastic.
Family is always important to you and everyone turns to you with their problems, ideas and plans. Some days you wish they would handle things on their own as the drama can be overwhelming but you all know you will continue to be there whenever the phone rings or there is a knock on your door. This week you will have the chance to work on a new project which has been on your mind for quite some time. New ventures are always exciting and the time is right.
HINT: Don’t let past insecurities enter the present. You are much wiser and stronger now.
Great week for all forms of social gatherings and professional meetings. Surrounded by both loved ones and friends it will be your week to shine whether you stand center stage or in the wings, your light will be bright. Professionally things are starting to slow down and this is the time to begin working on things which bring you personal pleasure.
Although finances are not as strong as you had wished, you still have the money you need in order to carry on without having to tighten your belt too much.
HINT: A conversation with an air sign will start off with a bang and end up with a mutual agreement and an even stronger bond.
This is the time for you to put your own feelings aside and listen carefully to the needs and wishes of someone dear to you. You may find it difficult at first, but the more you consider the options, the more you will see that you are the one who must compromise this time. Financially expenses have eaten a hole in your reserves, but you always have a little put aside, so relax. Monday and Tuesday are good days for taking care of personal business even if you have to adjust your schedule a bit.
HINT: Take some time to discuss your plans with your partner and/or mate.
Thoughts of travel are on your mind once more and soon you will be on the move once again.
You may not have as much time as you would like as your professional responsibilities won’t permit a long trip, but even a few days reunited with loved ones will be enough to fill your heart with peace and recharge you until next time. Professionally you continue to move forward with your plans and are received well by both peers and mentors.
HINT: Financially you need to keep a close eye on your bank account as the summer approaches and income recedes.
Money and finances need attending as a payment or two may be delayed this week which will force you to make a few adjustments in your plans. There is no doubt that it will arrive, just a little later than you had anticipated.
This is not the week for any grand gestures on your part but rather a perfect week for small intimate dinners with someone you care about deeply. Time spent with a sibling always brings you joy and this week is no exception.
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are good days for meetings.
Do your homework and if you are not confident in your information, then don’t hesitate to say so.
This is a good time for you to deal with old business rather than attempt to being anything new. During the next two or three weeks, clear your slate, tie off loose ends and then begin to lay the plans for new projects in the fall. In the meantime use the lull to spend more time at home with family and friends. You honestly need the rest and they need some quality time with you where your mind is not plotting and planning your next conquest.
HINT: A conversation with an older member of your family is always good for the soul.
Busy is what you used to be. Now you are BUSY! But, you have planned well and everything is going according to the timetable you set up. Relax. Time spent with your partner and/or mate is extremely pleasant now even though you are both rather overworked. In the coming weeks you things will calm down and you will be able to relax and enjoy a job well done.
HINT: Financially you continue avoiding any excess spending and when the time comes you will have the money you need for that move you are planning.
Good week for staying focused on your goals and keeping the ‘big picture’ in mind.
You have planned well and even though there are some who do not understand, those closest to you are right behind you all the way. This time you need to be true to your own needs, and trust yourself. You have mulled things over in your mind so much that you can recite the pros and cons in your sleep.
Relax. All will be well. Financially you can feel secure and can rest easy.
HINT: Things may get off to a rocky start but the road gets smoother as you continue forward.
You are extremely sensitive this week and need to take a step back in order to re-evaluate your feelings. Not every slight is intended or needs attending to. But there is one person in your family who, without meaning, doesn’t really take your needs into account. Don’t be surprised if you confront them and they have no idea what you are talking about. Financially you need to watch your spending now as expenses cropped up and took a great chunk out of your savings.
HINT: Time spent with a colleague will prove to be better than you expected and a new friendship is in the making.
You have a lot on your mind, but somehow can’t coordinate your thoughts. This is not the best time for you to begin a new project which demands concentration and attention to detail. All forms of communication may be slowed down or disrupted over the next couple of weeks.
Rather than get frustrated, take a step back, make notes and wait till things calm down. Pleasant weekend expected and a good time to enjoy the company of a water sign.
HINT: A simple conversation with a sibling could heat up quickly.
Money and financial matters need to be addressed, but this is not the best time for making any new major investments.
What seems wonderful now may turn out to be fraught with problems a month from now. That being said, any project or idea you have been mulling over or working on will be fine. Just take a little time to double check your information and connections.
HINT: Be wary when speaking to someone who avoids eye contact. And pay attention to what is not being said rather than concentrating on what you hear.
TIP FOR THE WEEK: Think twice before signing contracts, important papers and always read the fine print.