Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of May 5, 2017

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Busy week. Try to be flexible and plan accordingly.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Things are beginning to move forward, albeit a little more slowly than you had anticipated.
The good news is that time is working in your favor. Short trips with either your partner or mate, or another member of your family, are just what you need to break the tension. Financially you should begin putting money aside once again as you have almost deleted your savings. A lot is going on behind the scenes right now and it is up to you to decide just how much you wish to get involved.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday are perfect days for brainstorming.
You are more than a little pleased at all you have managed to accomplish, and right now are ready to settle down and work on a new project which is exciting and challenges you both creatively and intellectually.
You have learned a great deal, and now is the time to put all that knowledge into action. No one can take the place of your family and friends who are close enough to be included in that category. You feel honored and cherished by the closeness and honesty of your support system.
HINT: Financially you need to be extra careful now about any unnecessary spending.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
You are rather frazzled after running around, cooking, cleaning, entertaining and spending time with family and friends.
What you need right now is to take a step back and slow down. By keeping up this breakneck pace you could miss something important or make a mistake which will cause you days of backtracking to rectify. Financially you are spending more than you had anticipated and soon will discover that you may not have the funds you need.
HINT: This is a good week to reconnect with a fire sign.
Don’t underestimate yourself. You have managed to accomplish great things and the end is in sight. Now is the time to put all you have learned into a new project, which will not only bring you personal satisfaction, but could prove to be very profitable as well. Lately you have been thinking of people who are no longer with you. As you gaze back, your heart is warmed by the memories. Financially you have a lot of work left before you will be in a position to relax and spend freely.
HINT: A conversation with a sibling living far away will prompt a serious discussion concerning your getting together soon.
You enjoy the company of friends and family, but when you are honest with yourself you realize that you especially appreciate the time you spend quietly with your partner or mate. Lately you have come to understand just how special your relationship is and how lucky you are.
The middle portion of this week will find you extremely busy fixing things, arranging meetings and taking care of little irritating jobs that you would rather someone else did.
Usually you enjoy this kind of focused work, but not this week.
HINT: Financially all is moving according to plan and you are pleased with yourself.
You are committed to attending at least three meetings this week and would much rather stay at home with your partner or mate. Although your free time is limited, you are always ready to make arrangements for a quick lunch or a lovely dinner where you can enjoy each other’s company without friends, family or business acquaintances.
You need a quiet, peaceful atmosphere in order to create, and the last few days of this week will provide exactly what you are looking for.
HINT: Financially you continue looking for extra ways to increase your income.
You have a great deal of energy, and this is the week to put your plans into action. You have enough information to begin, and as you start to work will be pleased to see just how easily the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Don’t overdo. Better to let your mind wander and work things out than to force the issue and make mistakes.
A conversation with a fire sign could prove to be electric, so choose your words carefully. Don’t strike unless you are certain of the outcome.
HINT: Financially you know all will be fine.
Your priorities have changed over the past few months and slowly you are beginning to rectify your mistakes, move forward with confidence and make headway. You have learned a great deal along the way, especially who you can trust and who will stand with you through thick and thin. Financially you are not where you would like to be, but the snowball has stopped growing.
The person you can trust the most is you yourself.
HINT: The first couple of days this week are good for meeting with financial experts and other people you trust the most.
Sometimes wishes really do come true, and after months and months of hard work it is your time to get the pot at the end of the rainbow.
Your relationship with your partner or mate has not always run smoothly, but lately you couldn’t ask for a better partner or friend. Financially you are watching your situation carefully and now can enjoy the fruits of your labors. A conversation with an older member of your family will clear the air and answer some questions you have been concerned about.
HINT: Thoughts concerning renovating or perhaps moving are on your mind.
Your mind keeps flashing from subject to subject, and rather than try to remember each detail, write them down. You have great ideas and although it may take you a little time before you reap the fruits of your labors, you are definitely on the right track.
When dealing with an earth sign remember that this person sees minutiae and has difficulty viewing the larger picture. Time spent with an elderly member of your family is special and wonderful for you both.
HINT: Take some time to enjoy a quiet evening or two with your partner or mate.
You have been procrastinating for too long and now is the time to make up your mind, set the wheels in motion and make your move. Of course you have unanswered questions and concerns, but until you do something about them, you won’t be able to solve anything.
Financially you are on top of the situation and money is not a problem, for a change. A conversation with another water sign will help you calm down and see things in a new light.
HINT: Tuesday and Wednesday your thoughts turn to people living far away.
You are a very busy person this week.
Thoughts flit through your mind, people come and go and you enjoy every moment. You need to be busy and are through with waiting. Not everyone shares your vision, but you are well aware of your strengths and weaknesses and are not going to let negative feelings hold you back. Financially you are working toward a goal and are satisfied with the progress you have made so far.
HINT: When speaking to an air sign pay attention to what you hear. Little pearls of wisdom are coming your way if you are receptive enough.