Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of May 6, 2016

Tip for the Week: Things are moving slower than expected, but this is not the time for forcing the issue.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Don’t waste time pondering over what you might have missed or where you went wrong. You missed nothing and you haven’t erred. You are simply in a phase where others need to make a decision before you can make yours.
Trust yourself and stay calm. Financially all is well as you continue paying close attention to any unwarranted spending. A conversation with your partner and/or mate will help you see things from a different angle and together you can work out a solid plan.
HINT: This weekend provides a perfect opportunity for you to pamper yourself.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
You have a lot on your mind right now and the harder you search for answers, the more confused you get.
Relax. The less you think and the more you let your mind wander, the quicker you will come up with the missing pieces to your puzzle. For the time being keep your thoughts to yourself. Not everyone you come into contact with this week is a true friend and the less said the better.
HINT: Money and finances are always on your mind and this week is no exception. Slowly but surely you are closing the gab between what you want and what you have.
You know you should watch out for any unnecessary spending, but for the past week or so you can’t seem to help yourself. Between buying presents for those closest to you and entertaining and being entertained you continue to reach into your pocket and pay the bill. Don’t worry. All will even out shortly and in the meantime you are bringing a great deal of joy to the people you care the most about.
HINT: This week you will have the opportunity to work on a project which demands a great deal of creativity as well as intellect and humor.
Rather than worry about what the future will bring, spend your time enjoying today. You are much more organized than you think and are aware of each and every thing that needs to be done. In the days to come you will begin checking off your list and once started will realize that the pile in front of you is far from insurmountable.
Financially you are spending more than you had planned but soon will have a renewal of income which will set things straight.
HINT: Don’t be upset at your slow place. Remember the tortoise won the race!
Although your first reaction is usually ‘no’, once you have thought about it, you manage to see things differently and are ready to be a bit more flexible. This week you will have to work hand-in-hand with your partner and/or mate so be prepared to keep an open mind. Financially you need to double check a few things and the sooner the better.
This is definitely not the best time for action, but, rather a perfect time for gathering information.
HINT: You may not be able to find a peaceful corner at home this week, but you love the people who walk through your door.
Time spent with your partner and/or mate is the best part of your day and this week you will have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company more than usual. Use this respite in your busy schedules to enjoy visiting some of your favorite places and people.
Financially you are still watching your bank balance carefully but for the time being that is all you can do.
HINT: The time is getting closer to when you have to make a decision concerning a trip to visit family living far away. Right now you have neither the time nor the money but in the months to come the situation will ease up.
You are frustrated and a bit angry at your financial situation as you are either taking two steps forward and one step back, or treading water.
For the time being there is nothing you can do to push things along and getting angry will only upset the people closest to you who are blameless. A serious conversation with a financial expert will do more than talking it over in your mind.
HINT: By the middle portion of the week you will have the chance to meet up with some people you haven’t seen in a long time. A simple conversation will turn into a very interesting job opportunity.
You are tired from carrying so much responsibility alone and this is the time to begin thinking of what your options are.
You continue to do a fabulous job but a little help here and there will be greatly appreciated. All you need to do is reach out. The final decision will always be yours, and for the next few weeks gather the people closest to you but don’t make a move. Time spent away from your desk with your partner and/or mate is just what you need to clear your head and relax.
HINT: Be patient with an earth sign.
You take your responsibilities seriously, but this week it is time for you to take a step back and enjoy some quiet time with the people you love the most. Soon you will be busy again, so stop worrying about everything and relax, read a book, draw a picture, water a plant or write a best seller. The sky is your limit. Your partner and/or mate is a good friend as well and although you may not always see eye-to-eye on things, you have each other’s backs.
HINT: Financially you are sticking to your plan and even have a little left over for buying something you really want.
You are ready to move forward, but for the time being you are stuck dealing with negotiations, contracts and finding a common ground that everyone can agree on.
Don’t doubt yourself…you have come a long way and are an asset to any firm you choose to join. Take your time. Financially you are sticking to your plan and all is well. Time spent with a fire sign may start of rocky but forge ahead. You will soon find the common ground you are seeking and together you make a formidable team.
HINT: This is a good week for spending time with family and close friends.
You always worry about money, but there are times when you cannot avoid spending, even if it means putting out a little more than you had originally expected. In the weeks to come you will be able to replace what you spent, so don’t worry. In the meantime enjoy some time with your family at home around the table telling stories and remembering pleasant times from the past. A breakdown in communication expected between yourself and a sibling, so be prepared and know that in a week or two all will return to normal.
HINT: Thoughts of your career are never far from your mind but this is definitely not the time for change.
Money, financial matters and property are on your mind, but for the next few weeks there is nothing you can do except gather information and wait. For the time being continue to spend the money you have rather than money you are expecting to receive.
You have expensive tastes and are rather impulsive, so this holding back and waiting period rubs you the wrong way. The middle portion of this week is a good time for relaxing at home rather than mingling with strangers.
HINT: An important meeting with an earth sign may be delayed but it won’t be cancelled.