Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of September 25, 2015

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Once again a busy week is in store, but take your time. If you can avoid committing to a new project which comes your way this week, do so.
Read the fine print and if it still looks good a week or so from now, then sign on the dotted line. In the meantime, the time is right to tie off some loose ends and clear your desk. Financially you continue to count your pennies, but soon all will ease up.
HINT: Memories from the past bring much more smiles than frowns.
This is not the time to dwell on what might have been.
Learn from your mistakes, dust yourself off and walk into the sunlight.
You are definitely moving in the right direction and the people you come into contact with not only appreciate your kindness and generosity, but are thankful for the friendship.
Although money is tight right now, in the weeks to come the situation will improve and that is when you can move forward without worrying.
HINT: A conversation with a special person will stay with you for days and days.
For the last week or so you have begun to feel a lot more secure and ‘safe’ when making important decisions at work.
For the first time in a long time, you know you are right and absolutely convinced that the path you are on is right for you, your fellow workers and your family.
Now, take a few days off to relax and catch up on some much needed rest.
This means both physically and emotionally. Let your mind wander and stop worrying.
HINT: A situation with a Virgo starts of turbulent and ends up peacefully. Let things move at their own pace.
For a long time you have questioned the path you took and wondered if there was anything you should have changed or missed along the way.
Today you can stop worrying and begin to plan a new adventure. Take your time…there is no rush. Use the weekend to enjoy some peaceful days with your partner and/or mate. Time spent together is fun and very special. Financially you continue to hoard your pennies in order to make a major purchase in the coming months.
HINT: Take some time off to enjoy the company of an elderly member of your family.
Wonderful week to spend time with your partner and/or mate after weeks of working overtime and rushing home almost too tired to talk. Enjoy yourselves…you’ve earned it! For those of you considering making a move professionally, this is the time for gathering information. Wait a month or two until things clear up and if you still feel the same way, make your move. You have a wonderful group of friends who are always happy to spend time with you and in the coming weeks you will be busy entertaining and being entertained.
HINT: Financially you are on top of the situation.
A little stress is expected involving your partner and/or mate and your career.
There simply isn’t enough time to do everything. Instead of getting upset, take a step back and relax. All will fall into place and the communication snafu will fade until it disappears. Financially you will be pleased to note that you have managed to put aside enough money to carry you through and cover all your expenses. In the weeks to come a fresh flow of cash is expected.
HINT: Use this weekend to pamper yourself for a change.
A word spoken in haste to your partner and/or mate may cause you both some distress and this time it will be up to you to mend fences. The problem will be solved and the lesson learned. When dealing with a Virgo, wait until the middle of the week before setting up an appointment. At that time they will be much more open to listening to your ideas.
HINT: This week you will feel a rush of energy and now is the time to begin taking better care of yourself…start that diet…join the gym or simply get up early in the morning and take a quiet walk to clear your head.
You may feel a bit of confusion as to how you feel about your job. On the one hand you like the people and the atmosphere is calm and supportive. On the other hand it may be time to move on. You are ready. But, the time isn’t yet right.
Wait until the middle of next month. If you still feel the same way, then consider your options. Financially you are very much in control of the situation and even have the money for a trip you want to make.
HINT: Time spent at home with loved ones and friends is perfect this week.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
A great deal of energy and possibly anger may be focused in or around your home this weekend, so wherever possible walk away from the tension and don’t get involved. By the beginning of the week everything should settle down and the less said the better. Financially you are almost out of the woods and if you continue to be careful you should have the money you need for a major move or project when the time comes.
HINT: Family is always important and you are doing your best to accommodate everyone. Put your own name on the list, too.
A shift in energy is expected starting over the weekend and now is the time to put a major effort into a project which brings you a great deal of personal joy and satisfaction.
You may have to do a little juggling in order to fit everything in, but with a bit of careful planning you should manage just fine. Your family always comes first and you will be pleasantly surprised at the reaction you get from a young person who loves you very much.
HINT: Don’t worry about finances… you planned well.
Be careful of any unnecessary spending as you are still not out of the woods financially.
The summer months wreaked havoc on your savings and you still haven’t been able to replace the void. Breakdown in communication expected, so ask questions in order to ensure you understand, check your diary often, and make sure your car is in top notch condition.
The stress will pass in a couple of weeks, but better to be safe than sorry, and backup any important information on your computer during this time.
HINT: Be patient with a sibling.
Your mind is working overtime these days so pay attention to where you leave your keys and wallet. Think twice before speaking your mind. Not everyone agrees with you…nor need they! If you want to have someone agree with you all the time then you are going to have to talk to yourself! Remember once a word is spoken you can’t take it back and even though you don’t show it, you really care. Financially this is the time to double check your situation and not to take chances.
HINT: Try to be nice to your partner and/or mate…this isn’t their fault!