Starcatcher: Astrology for the week of December 18, 2015

Tip for the week: Good week for reviewing mistakes, acknowledging what you overlooked and moving forward stronger than before.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
The past month has been overly hectic and you have put in so many long hours that you are left running on vapors.
Stop! Take some time off to take care of you. Whatever has been driving you will wait.
And at the end of this week you will be back to your old self and raring to go. Time spent with an old friend is just what you need to remember that things are a lot better than you thought.
HINT: Financially you are managing quite well, and now is the time for you to begin thinking about your next project.
Tension has been building between yourself and your partner and/or mate and the time has come for a quiet, open and honest discussion.
Together you make a formidable team and the relationship is strong but will be even stronger after you clear the air a bit. Financially all is well and you have enough money to take a short vacation if you wish.
Time spent with an elderly member of your family will be far more pleasant than you had imagined and will open new doors in your relationship.
HINT: Try not to let past disappointments cloud your week. You are much stronger, wiser and happier now.
You are now in a position to take all the knowledge you have gained over the past few years and move forward with your plans. There are so many people standing solidly behind you and you can definitely be proud of yourself. You still have more questions than answers, but the road ahead will be interesting, informative and worthwhile. Time spent with your partner and/or mate is just what you both need to relax as you enjoy each other’s company.

: Financially all is stable and you have planned well. As long as you don’t go on a major buying spree, you will have the funds you need in the months to come.
This is a perfect week for you to take a step back from your busy schedule, enjoy a few quiet moments at home and arrange to meet close family and friends. The break is just what you need in order to get some balance back into your life. For far too long you have been the major source of emotional and, in some cases, financial support for a family member or two and this week you need to put yourself at the top of the list. However, when all is said and done, you know you would do it all over again.

Monday and Tuesday are wonderful days for visiting with another water sign.
You need to pace yourself this week if you wish to get everything done and not fall exhausted every night into bed. Although you have a fabulous support team, the truth is that you double check everything anyway in order to make sure that the work is up to your high standard.
This is a good week for all forms of communication, both verbal and especially written. You have a great deal of information to share and now is your chance.
HINT: Financially try to hold back from any unnecessary and expensive spending the first few days of this week.
Monday and Tuesday are your days for taking care of personal business, meeting with someone special and, in short, for pampering yourself. Go ahead! You’re worth it and you have the money, so stop worrying. A conversation with an older member of your family will help you put things back into perspective.
It is a special relationship you both share and one you have each invested time, energy and love.
HINT: A great deal of energy is focused on work right now and this is the time for tying off loose ends and getting ready for a new phase which is on the way.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
Pressure between yourself and your partner and/or mate is based on control and misunderstandings which need to be addressed this week. On the one hand you wish to be free to make the choices you see are fit, but, on the other hand, you need your partner to be your anchor…the stable one who keeps you focused. Something’s got to give. Financially your situation is actually beginning to improve as you pay more attention to your spending.
HINT: When dealing with another air sign, remember it’s a conversation and not a lecture.
Slowly, but surely you are checking off items on your list of things which need attending to. One or two interesting changes appear and although you would have rather avoided dealing with them, once you begin, you will be very happy.
Financially you need to be careful right now. The money is coming but until it is safely in your hands curb your spending. A conversation with younger member of your family always leaves you smiling as you know just how special the relationship is.
HINT: Take a moment to help your partner and/or mate during the middle portion of this week.
Time spent at home resting and relaxing after a busy day is just what you need in order to recharge your batteries. So many people wish to see you but for now you simply need to turn off your phone, close the computer and chill out. All is well; you just need some quiet emotional time. Financially take care this month as unexpected expenses in the past are still taking a chunk out of your savings. Monday and Tuesday are good days for important meetings.
HINT: This is a perfect week for all forms of writing, so if you have a novel waiting to be written, sharpen your pencil!
You are right. Everyone knows it. So stop talking about it. Instead, roll up your sleeves and lend a helping hand.
If you do, all hurt feelings will be forgotten and together you can build something wonderful. A lot of emphasis is centered on money and finances this week and you may have to do a bit of juggling if you wish to get through the month. Nothing major but this time you may not be in control of the situation.
HINT: This weekend do something special for your partner and/or mate. They deserve the attention.
Things are definitely moving forward and after, what seems like forever, you are now making the major changes in your life you have been planning for for so long. The people closest to you are not only thrilled for you but thrilled to be included in your plans. Financially, things may get off to a slow start, but will very quickly pick up momentum, so don’t worry. A conversation with a sibling will help you put things into perspective and, once again you will be reminded of just how special your relationship really is.


When in doubt trust your intuition and you won’t go wrong not everyone who smiles in your direction actually has your best interest at heart, but there are no surprises waiting around the bend.
The changes you have been contemplating in your life are about to bear fruit and soon you will be able to relax and enjoy a job well done. When speaking to an earth sign, pay close attention as this person is wise beyond their years and has a great deal of information to share.
HINT: Your partner and/or mate brings you so much joy and this week is no exception.