Subtly Spring

Israel’s fashion elite pile into a giant hangar in north Tel Aviv for glimpse of Castro’s coming collection.

GAL GADOT IN CASTRO SPRING 2015 collection. (photo credit: Courtesy)
(photo credit: Courtesy)
On Sunday morning, Israel’s rich and famous piled into the newly renovated sports arena in northern Tel Aviv (formerly the infamous Drive-In) to sneak a peak at the Castro Spring 2015 collection. In a flurry of sequins, wigs, stilettos and excitement, the guests piled in up to the rafters, squeaking into their plastic seats. The stage, a white swoop with a single, leafy tree at the front corner and a full band set up in the back, was very promising. Castro CEO Eti Rotter welcomed the crowd, explaining that this collection was an optimistic fusion between traditional technique and the current era.
The first sparkle came via singer and performer Dikla, who popped onto the stage wearing a gorgeous, butter yellow wrap-around dress.
This garment and its wearer embodied the essence of the collection, which is light, powerful and optimistic.
Over the course of the next five songs, the Castro models, including presenters Gal Gadot, Liraz Dror and Omer Dror, swept across the vast, white stage in a collage of soft colors, gorgeous prints and compelling silhouettes.
This collection is by far the must subdued of recent Castro lines. Though the designers certainly have kept their eyes trained on international trends, Spring 2015 comes straight from the heart, fit for Israel’s customers and climate. Perhaps because of this, the show was somehow less cohesive than its predecessors.
Each of the three lines, Black, Red and Blue, had high highs and low lows. A three-toned, dip-dyed maxi dress was particularly refreshing, as was a black and white, button-down printed gallabaya. Next to these great looks walked a pair of ‘90s-reminiscent denim pedal pushers that were unflattering even on a sixfoot tall model.
That said Castro has done a great job of creating a host of silhouettes that will flatter any woman’s figure. The collection is rife with separates, ready to be mixed and matched for any occasion.
The men’s line was equally nuanced. One moment, Castro presented a picture of the Israeli man as a chic, casual beachgoer, and the next as a suit-clad jetsetter. Here, too, there were a few odd looks, such as an oversized pair of navy shorts that appeared more like something one would wear to mop the floor than to the runway.
Overall, Spring 2015 was a step in the right direction for Castro. A step away for overused, overexposed trends and a step toward truly creating a distinctive design language.
All of the clothing, including the runway collection, is currently available on the Castro website and at the Tel Aviv Dizengof Center store.
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