Trump tweets bashing Jon Stewart resurface

What happens on Twitter doesn't stay on Twitter.

Jon Stewart (photo credit: REUTERS)
Jon Stewart
(photo credit: REUTERS)
US President Donald Trump’s favorite form of social media hasn’t always worked for his benefit. Recently, some past tweets targeting one of America’s most prominent Jews, former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, have resurfaced, and people aren’t happy.
Jon Stewart, formally Jon Lebowitz (Stuart is his middle name), changed his last name years before landing ‘The Daily Show’ and making a name for himself in Hollywood. While Stewart has never officially stated a reason for the change, he has alluded to a poor relationship with his father as one potential factor.
Trump’s tweets (which are still posted on his official @realDonaldTrump Twitter account) include his own interpretation for Stewart’s name change.

It’s no secret that the left-wing political satire show is no fan of current US President Donald Trump. But, Trump’s assumption that Stewart changed his name because he is ashamed of his Jewish heritage angered many in the Jewish community back in 2013, and prompted a NSFW response from Stewart himself.

In the wake of recent antisemitic attacks in the US and around the world, which the ADL has found correlate to the November 2016 election of Trump, his past remarks are now front and center (again).

Many American Jews remain divided among Trump and his administration’s views regarding Israel and the Jewish community, despite Trump’s recent statements condemning antisemitic violence and his highly publicized meeting with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyau.
We are only six weeks into Trump’s four-year term, which can only beg the question, what other skeleton tweets are hiding in his Twitter closet?