Video of Iranian woman removing hijab and dancing in desert goes viral

Clip appears to be latest show of protest against religious restrictions in the Islamic Republic.

Iranian woman dances and removes hijab
A video of a woman believed to be Iranian dancing and removing her hijab in the desert as onlookers are heard cheering her on has gone viral in recent days.
The video appears to have been originally uploaded to Youtube in 2010, but has made the rounds online and in western media in recent days.
The clip is the latest show of protest against the strict religious law which obligates women to wear the head covering in public in Iran.
In May, The Jerusalem Post reported on a Facebook page which displayed women all over Iran letting their hair down and staging a protest by posting pictures of themselves without their hijabs, risking imprisonment, among other punishments.
Many of the photos on the My Stealthy Freedom Facebook page show happy bare-headed women, sometimes flying their veil behind them like a flag. Captions read things like: “Hoping for the day when our freedoms will be overt and not stealth any more. Nobody has the right to see women as their property or make decisions for them.”