WATCH: If Santa were to meet two Jews on Christmas Eve

Jewish girl duo takes on Santa in latest holiday viral hit.

"If Santa Chilled With Two Jews On Christmas Eve."
A new YouTube video featuring none other than Santa Claus and two Jewish girls is making waves on the web this holiday season.
Featuring the duo Soren & Jolles, the humorous video pokes fun at the mysteries of Santa Claus. They two girls seek to find out what Mrs. Claus' first name is, "what the deal with the South Pole" is, and "why the kids on the lap?"
They poke fun at the "tradition" of leaving milk out for Santa (which, sitting out, is bound to go bad and give Mr. Claus stomach issues), and criticize the use of reindeer, which they jokingly refer to as animal cruelty.
The video ends with a le'chaim (over milk) between Santa Claus and the "first Jews he's ever met."