Are you easily influenced or do you stand your ground? This optical illusion will tell you

An optical illusion originally posted to TikTok has left viewers shocked to learn about their own personality.

 A female or a male figure?  (photo credit: Screenshot/TikTok)
A female or a male figure?
(photo credit: Screenshot/TikTok)

Some optical illusions can change the way you see the world and others can reveal hidden details about your personality. The following photo, originally posted on TikTok, will reveal interesting things about you. It all depends on what you see first.

The drawing was shared by a TikTok user named @mia_yilin, who left viewers shocked. In the image, you can see subtle outlines forming the figure of a woman with long black hair, however, the figure's hands and feet also look like the face of an old man.

@mia_yilin The first thing you see in this picture says a lot about your personality! #personalitytest#psychology#chinese #fortune #trending #fengshui #funfacts#entertainment #chinesewithmia #mia_yilin#asian #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound - Mia Yilin

Which of the characters did you spot first?

"If you saw the woman, you are the moral type of person."

TikToker Mia Yelin

"If you saw the woman, you are the moral type of person. You are kind and forgiving but not only that, you are also generous and admired by others because of your positivity and efficiency. You always pay attention to social cues but you tend to be easily influenced by the negative behavior of others," said Yilin in the video.

On the other hand, if you recognized the old man's face, it means something completely different. "You are discreet people. You feel too often that no one, even those closest to you, really knows you," the TikToker added. "You like to look at things in an analytical and logical way and do not concern yourself with pleasing others. Instead, you choose to make your own way and stand your ground. However, your self-confidence is quite dependent on being loved by others."