Foggy window pane? This is how to defrost in a jiffy

Defogging your car's window is a crucial step in vehicle safety.

 How to keep your car window from becoming foggy (photo credit: CREATIVE COMMONS)
How to keep your car window from becoming foggy
(photo credit: CREATIVE COMMONS)

You know when you get up for work on a chilly morning and your windshield is full of fog because of the cold?

Although all cars are equipped with defrosters, it can take a very long time before the windshield is completely clear of fog- if it ever gets completely clear. The condensation that covers the windshield can sometimes even form while driving, which impairs visibility and can be very dangerous.

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While the problem is near-universal, the solution varies from driver to driver - there are those who rush to clean the windshield with their sleeve, some turn on the cooling, others actually turn on the heating and most of us open the windows every few minutes and allow ourselves to freeze and get wet just so we can see where we are going.

The shaving cream trick

None of these solutions are ideal. But never fear - here is a trick that will solve the problem in advance - and all you need is shaving cream.

The UK publication The Daily Express explained that the vehicle experts at the leasing company Vehicle Contracts use shaving cream to get rid of the steam and ice residue on the windshield. All you have to do is apply a small amount of shaving cream to the windshield and then wipe it off. What happens is that the shaving foam creates a protective layer on the glass that prevents steam from condensing on the windshield.

Alternative solutions

Although this method should keep the windshields for a few days there is another method to deal with the pesky fog:

1. First, run the air conditioning on cold and slowly raise the temperature. The slowness is intended to help the air dry out instead of the car being filled with steamy air. Be sure to direct the heating towards the windshield.

2. Turn on the air conditioning to maintain a dry atmosphere in the car. Turning the heat on will dry the glass, but then the air will cool and it will fill with condensation again. So make sure your air conditioner is on- it keeps the air dry.

3. Windows - just in case your air conditioner doesn't work, you may want to open the car windows. This will help because the dry, cold air outside will reduce the amount of water vapor in the vehicle.

4. If you have a temperature control button in the car (they are more common in newer models) - use it.