This online competition is looking to find the world's ugliest dog

Pretty pets "need not apply."

 'Pippo di Parma' (photo credit: COURTESY/MOTIVE PR)
'Pippo di Parma'
(photo credit: COURTESY/MOTIVE PR)

Peggy the dog was just going about her business in her humble life in the United Kingdom. Little did she know, her owners had entered her into a nationwide competition that would gain her national recognition.

However, there was a twist.

Peggy's parents had entered her in's UK's Ugliest Dog competition. After cashing in on her prize - a pampering session at a luxurious spa for dogs (and even appearing on some chat shows as a media personality) - her title would become much more.

The success of this competition inspired another competition of the sort, but this time, it was on a global level. Was there another dog that was as ugly as Peggy -- or would she still manage to gain an international title?

Now, the search is on to find the ugliest dog in the world.

 Winner of the ''ugly dog'' competition (credit: COURTESY/MOTIVE PR) Winner of the ''ugly dog'' competition (credit: COURTESY/MOTIVE PR)

Who will be deemed the ugliest dog alive?

Peggy's mom may have entered her into the competition, but this Yorkshire, England-based couple believes their dog is beautiful inside and out.

Peggy is a mix, believed to be a pug and Chinese crested. She was the "unwanted" pup, the runt of the litter, who remained unadopted for six long months Holly took her in.

The contest helped her gain confidence in recognition among dogs in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Now, Peggy is facing her biggest competition yet with dogs like Pippo from Italy, who was initially cut from the UK competition because the dog was not a UK resident. 

A spokesman for the company said they solely wanted photos of downright ugly dogs. If your pet is pretty, they will not be considered!  

He said, “Our contest to find the UK’s ugliest dog has been a huge success and found a genuine star in Peggy. Since winning our title she has become famous in Britain, appearing on some of the country’s highest-rated TV chat shows and rubbing shoulders with some big-name celebrities."

“She’s certainly unique, with a face only a mother could love. Luckily her mum Holly does love her to bits.”

The spokesperson added that the primary pitfall they had with the UK contest was receiving images of good-looking dogs. “I cannot state seriously enough that we don’t want to see pictures of good-looking, cute dogs."

“But if you honestly believe that your pet could be the ugliest in your nation then please do send us a photo so we can judge for ourselves. We want to see pictures of dogs so ugly they make your eyes hurt when you look at them. Pretty pets need not apply," the spokesperson added.

“Peggy will certainly take some beating although it’s possible there could be an even uglier mutt out there somewhere.”

To enter the contest please send a photo of your dog along with her name, age and breed to and don’t forget to mention where you live.