It's better without a window: The hotel room with the world's worst view

A hotel guest in Alberta, Canada, recently showcased the view from his room to his online followers—and it's nothing short of disturbing.

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

A window holds great value in the hotel industry. In Israel and many other places around the world, hotels often charge exorbitant prices for an upgrade to a room with a view of the sea. In cities like London, the contrast between a room with a view and one without is so significant that some hotels only offer reasonably priced rooms with no windows at all.

However, at a hotel in Alberta, Canada, even the rooms with windows provide such a terrible view that guests might prefer having no window at all.

Comedian Neema found himself in this predicament when he decided to pull back the curtain and take in the scenery—or lack thereof—from his hotel room. To his horror, he realized that the view was far from pleasant. He shared the view on TikTok and earned the dubious honor of having "the worst view in the world," as proclaimed by his viewers. The actual extent of the unpleasantness surpassed even their worst expectations.

Hotel horror stories: How bad is the worst view in the world?

In the brief video, Neema can be heard saying, "I'm in my hotel room and I was like 'wow, my blinds are closed - let me get some fresh light in here.' To then realize, this is my view..."

He proceeded to show his audience what he saw through the window: the women's changing rooms and showers, along with the children's swimming pool.

Neema's video quickly amassed close to a million views, leaving many viewers horrified by the appalling sight. One viewer wrote, "I’m dying. That’s literally just the worst possible window." Another added, "That room definitely used to be somebody's office." A third person chimed in, "I would have complained." Yet another individual shared, "This legit happened to my dad this weekend. Opened up his blinds to see the view, backed onto the hotel's banquet hall," The Sun reported.

Neema himself admitted that he promptly closed the curtains, not wanting to be accused of voyeurism or see his face splashed across newspaper headlines.