Eggs, toilet paper, and beer – What to get when coronavirus strikes

As Israel gears up for Passover under the looming shadow of coronavirus, egg imports began to arrive in the country.

As supply chains and shipments become evening news items due to coronavirus and its many effects on the global economy, Israelis were told by the Agriculture Ministry on Friday that egg shipments have begun arriving, just in time for Passover.
“In the past day, we have noticed an increased demand for eggs,” a press release on behalf of the ministry reported. “Pasta, olive oil and rice had also been in higher demand than usual.” 
With rumors the country might declare an emergency state of mass-quarantine – and despite assurances by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the nation is not expected to lack for anything any time soon – many prefer to stock up now rather than regretting it later. 
In other countries, such as the UK and the US, shoppers have bought massive amounts of toilet paper, leading many to post pictures on social media of empty aisles.
British retailing giant Tesco is limiting the quantity of certain items that shoppers are allowed to buy, such as antiseptic gel and milk,  the BBC reported. 
While no such restrictions were placed in Israel, at least some companies began offering discount books and beers to those who need to spend two weeks at home to ensure they are not coronavirus carriers. 
Dubbed "Bidude" [quarantine in Hebrew] Tempo offers to deliver 6 bottles of beer to anywhere in the country for about NIS 50.
Yes cable network is currently offering its users a quarantine channel to pass the time "quickly and, God willing, in good health."