Illinois man shoots wife, commits suicide, fearing coronavirus

The woman was shot in the back of the head whereas the man’s injury was self-inflicted.

Crime scene [illustrative] (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Crime scene [illustrative]
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
A man in suburban Chicago shot his wife dead and then killed himself, in what police believe is a coronavirus-related crime. However, tests showed that neither of them had the virus.  
The bodies of 54-year-old Patrick Jesernik and 59-year-old Cheryl Schriefer were found by police on Monday when they were dispatched on a welfare check, the Daily Mail reported.   
The woman was shot in the back of the head, whereas the man’s injury was self-inflicted.  
It was reported that Schriefer experienced difficulty breathing and had a test done to see if she might have the virus, but the incident took place before the results were delivered.  
Currently, there are 11,260 known coronavirus patients in Illinois.  
Earlier this week, an Italian male nurse killed his girlfriend, a medical student, claiming she infected him with the virus.  
In that case too, the tests showed that both did not have the virus.  
It is feared that the global outbreak, which forces many people to stay indoors for long periods of time and has left many families without their usual sources of income, will also mean a sharp increase in domestic violence.