Nine-year-old child arrested for underaged driving

The child was using his parents car to go grocery shopping.

9 years old child arrested for underaged driving, December 12, 2018 (Israeli Police)
A nine-year-old child was arrested for underage driving in the Ar'ara region of the Negev on Wednesday, according to Israeli Police.
The child, whose identity has been withheld, was found operating the vehicle by the Israeli police during a routine patrol of the Negev Beduin community.
The police report said that the police officers spotted a vehicle that aroused their suspicion after noticing it was having difficulty making a u-turn.
The vehicle was then pulled over, the child was arrested and the vehicle was confiscated. Police opened an investigation into the case.
According to the child, he used his parents car to go grocery shopping.
"We will act harshly against offenses that endanger the public in order to to uproot these dangerous phenomena from the root," police said.