WATCH: Marching orders to love: IDF soldier proposes on parade ground

"Luna, will you marry me?"

IDF soldier proposes to his girlfriend (כל העיר/Youtube)
Border Police officer Major-General Ra'id Ashkar surprised his girlfriend, soldier Luna Sliba, while his group rehearsed for the 70th torch relay ceremony for the State of Israel.
Tonight, at the parade ground on Mount Herzl, one of the soldiers participating in the torch-lighting ceremony of Israel's 70th Independence Day decided to surprise his partner with an exciting marriage proposal. The group performed an elaborate exercise with the marriage proposal. During the rehearsals for the ceremony, the soldiers conducted a seder exercise and formed with their positions: "Luna, will you marry me?"
The soldier then took center stage to call out to his girlfriend watching from the stands. Luna then joined her long time partner on stage and accepted his proposal, applauded by all those present.