Israel exploiting mothers of kidnapped teens for propaganda, Arab MK charges

MK Masud Gnaim (UAL-Ta'al) called Rachel Fraenkel's speech at the UN Human Rights Council a "shameful sight."

MK Masud Gnaim (UAL-Ta'al) (photo credit: KNESSET)
MK Masud Gnaim (UAL-Ta'al)
(photo credit: KNESSET)
The mothers of three teens kidnapped in Gush Etzion two weeks ago are being used for propaganda purposes, MK Masud Gnaim (UAL-Ta'al) argued Wednesday.
Gnaim asked Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi a parliamentary question about the mothers' appearance before the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva Tuesday, during which Rachel Fraenkel, mother of 16-year-old captive Naphtali, gave an impassioned speech.
"Yesterday we saw the shameful sight in which the mother of one of the captives, who's supposed to be in true and honest emotional turmoil, be used by the Israeli Foreign Ministry for propaganda," Gnaim claimed.
According to Gnaim, "the use of emotion and human tragedy for political gain was on display yesterday, and we saw how most members of the council responded: They're still opposed to the occupation."
"How can the Foreign Ministry use the pain of people for cheap political gain?" the UAL-Ta'al MK asked.
Hanegbi responded that "it's strange to hear such accusations from an Israeli parliamentarian who knows how the Israeli public feels about the families' noble behavior.
"Rachel Fraenkel's appearance [at the UNHRC] is praiseworthy no matter what party you belong to. Every Israeli feels the pain of the mothers," Hanegbi stated.