Guidelines for Jerusalem residents amid possible threat of rocket attacks

Residents in capital requested to follow instructions after air raid siren sounded in city.

Israelis in Bomb Shelter (photo credit: Amir Cohen / Reuters)
Israelis in Bomb Shelter
(photo credit: Amir Cohen / Reuters)
Due to the air raid siren that sounded in Jerusalem at 10 p.m., residents are asked to obey the following guidelines:
Remain in your protected area for 10 minutes, unless given instruction otherwise. After ten minutes you can come out of your protected area.
In your protected space, sit on the floor under the window line against the most interior wall available, opposite any windows.
We ask residents to maintain a clear path in the stairwells so that residents can reach the shelters quickly.
Those not able to enter a building should lay on the ground and protect your head with your hands.
Please do not remain in building entry plazas where there is risk of injury from debris and shrapnel should a missile fall near the building.
Stay away from any unidentified objects or rockets lying on the ground.  Report any suspicious objects or materials to the police.
Municipal crews are prepared to handle the situation and have emergency plans in place throughout the city to allow as normal of a routine as possible.
The public is asked to continue to listen to the media for further instructions.
The municipality will continue to update its website, Facebook Page, municipal applications and urban center 106. Please follow the Home Front Command for guidelines and instructions