Iran slams Egypt for stalling to green light aid shipment

Islamic Republic says Cairo has refused for more than two weeks to approve dispatch to be delivered via Egypt.

Gaza billboard thanking Iran for missiles 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Gaza billboard thanking Iran for missiles 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Iran blamed Egypt for stalling to grant permission for the delivery of supplies to the Gaza Strip, Iranian state-run Press TV reported on Tuesday.
Iranian official Hossein Amir-Abdollahian charged Egyptian officials of refusing to approve Tehran's request to transfer, via Egypt, a shipment of what the Islamic Republic said was medical and humanitarian aid for Palestinians injured in Israeli strikes.
To get aid across, Iran would have to fly its shipments to Egypt and then cross by land through the Rafah border into Gaza. The only other option would be to go through Israel, an unlikely scenario for Iran.
The Iranian deputy foreign minister said more than two weeks after the the request was made for the delivery of 100 tons in aid supplies, Egypt had still not positively responded to it.
Iran's appeal also reportedly included a request to transfer wounded Gazans to the Islamic Republic for treatment.
According to Press TV, Iran's Foreign Ministry said on July 25 that bureaucratic obstacles had delayed the Gaza-bound shipment of humanitarian supplies administered by the Iranian Red Crescent.
Egypt's military-backed government, at odds with Gaza's Islamist rulers, Hamas, has reinforced an Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory, in effect cutting off all routes to residents during more than a month of fighting between Gazan terrorists and the IDF.
Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has condemned Israel for its military operation against Hamas, urging all nations to help the people of Gaza by arming Palestinians to help them fight the Jewish state.
Reuters contributed to this report.