Israelis determined to keep smiling in bomb shelter 'selfies'

Social media trend encourages those taking shelter from rocket attacks to snap light-hearted pictures in order to make most of stressful situation.

'Bomb Shelter Selfies' (photo credit: FACEBOOK)
'Bomb Shelter Selfies'
(photo credit: FACEBOOK)
Civilians in Israel are determined to keep smiling and make the most of the nerve-wracking situation amid ongoing rocket attacks from Gaza.

Snapping a 'selfie' while waiting out rocket sirens has become the latest trend sweeping social media.The English-language Facebook page 'Bomb Shelter Selfies' has garnered the support so far of some 1,500 members. Similar Facebook pages in Hebrew have also been created in similar fashion to promote the campaign. The page encourages the public to share pictures taken during the strained time spent taking shelter from rocket threats in order to show the world the courage demonstrated by those in Israel during attacks.