Israelis get creative with solutions to Gaza conflict, videos go viral

Videos published on social media networks offer suggestions ranging from placing a "dome" over the Gaza Strip to sailing the territory to the US.

Operation Gaza on the Water (photo credit: 0404 NEWS)
Operation Gaza on the Water
(photo credit: 0404 NEWS)
Operation Gaza on the Water/Hafakot 101
As Operation Protective Edge concluded its ground offensive in Gaza and redeployed troops to defensive positions outside the Gaza Strip while a 72 cease-fire entered its second day, Israelis took to social media to offer creative solutions to the conflict.
A video by used computer graphics in one such production, which has since gone viral on social media networks. The film shows the territory of the Gaza Strip being detached from the Israeli mainland, sailed across the ocean and docking in the Hudson River alongside Manhattan. Hamas then commences to cause 'Code Red' rocket alert sirens to go off on American television broadcasts while US President Barack Obama appears to be addressing the nation regarding the annexation of Gaza as the "51st state."
Operation Gaza Dome/Hafakot 101
A second video by the site shows IDF helicopters dropping an impenetrable "dome" over Gaza, preventing attempts by animated Hamas characters from firing rockets or infiltrating Israeli territory.