Iron Dome intercepts two rockets over Tel Aviv area; direct hit reported on home in Ashkelon

Day 18 shows few signs of a cease-fire: Rocket barrage fired across country with sirens heard in Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion Airport and Shfela and Sharon Regions.

IDF releases footage its says shows aerial strikes aborted in Gaza to prevent civilian casualties. (photo credit: screenshot)
IDF releases footage its says shows aerial strikes aborted in Gaza to prevent civilian casualties.
(photo credit: screenshot)
A large rocket barrage was fired into Israel from Gaza on Friday morning. Sirens sounded in the Dan Region, including Tel Aviv, as well as Shfela Region including cities like Rishon Lezion and Rehovot. Sirens could also be heard at the Ben-Gurion Airport.
The IDF confirmed that the Iron Dome had intercepted two rockets over the Tel Aviv area.
About fifteen minutes prior to the barrage, sirens sounded in the Sharon Region, where interceptions were also reported but not confirmed.
Earlier Friday, interceptions by the Iron Dome were reported above Ashkelon. Despite the missile defense system, however, a rocket landed on a home in Ashkelon and caused damages. No injuries were reported.
On Friday morning the Armored Corps Unit uncovered a tunnel shaft in Gaza. The unit came under fire near the tunnel by a terror cell, and returned fire. Two terrorists were killed.
An additional armored unit then uncovered a booby-trapped home filled with explosives, as well as underground rocket launchers.
Overnight between Thursday and Friday, the IDF struck several command and control posts used by Gazan terror organizations It also struck Hamas's domestic security ministry, and the military office of Ra'ad Thabat, a senior weapons production operative in Hamas.
The IDF said on Friday morning that it killed or wounded 40 terrorists in the past 24 hours. The names of eight Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists killed were released in a statement by the IDF Spokesperson's Office:
Haphet Mahmad Hemed was a Senior Islamic Jihad commander for the Beit Hanoun area. He was responsible for the rocket fire toward Sderot that lead up to Operation Protective Edge.
Hassin Abbad Elkhader Mahsin was a senior Islamic Jihad commander for the Sajaiya area.
Ahram Sha'er was a senior Islamic Jihad commander for the Khan Yunis area. Born in 1973, he was involved with executing terror attacks and rockets fired at Israel.
Mahmoud Ziada was a senior Islamic Jihad commander in the Jabaliya area, responsible for building up rocket supplies and took part in anti-Israel fighting and rocket attacks toward Israel.
Osama Alhiya was a Hamas commander in the Sajaiya area. He was the son of Halil Alhiya, a senior official in Hamas' national assembly.
Muhammad Shabban was a senior commander in Hamas' naval forces
Ahmed Sahmud was a commander in Commander in Khan Yunis.
Abdallah Al'ahras was a Hamas military commander.