VIDEO: Footage relays how IDF carries out pinpoint strikes in Gaza

Using precision guided missiles, Israeli forces are able to pinpoint targets to size of a window; troops discover Hamas military gear in tunnels.

IAF strikes Gaza (photo credit: PALESTINIAN MEDIA)
IAF strikes Gaza
(photo credit: PALESTINIAN MEDIA)
The IDF has continued pounding targets in Gaza throughout Wednesday and the previous night. Targets included 5 mosques which were being used by Hamas for militant purposes. Army sources revealed one to have been used as a command center while another was employed as an observation point to track Israeli troop movements.
Israeli naval forces have relentlessly struck targets on the Gaza Strip's coastal west with guided cruise missiles launched at sea. The missiles can be guided and relay video footage showing IDF personnel guiding the missiles at specific buildings and even designated points such as a window.
On Wednesday IDF troops discovered several tunnel shafts in Gaza buildings which held weapons and tactical gear used by Hamas.