WATCH: Israeli naval vessel helps intercept Hamas commandos who stormed beach

Hamas terrorists commandos attempt a landing on Zikim beach across from an IDF army base near Gaza and exchanged fire with IDF forces.

Hamas infiltrators charging Zikim beach, killed by IDF  (photo credit: screenshot)
Hamas infiltrators charging Zikim beach, killed by IDF
(photo credit: screenshot)
The Israel Defense Forces released a second video showing footage of the dramatic interception of a Hamas commando unit which tried to carry out a terrorist attack after landing on Israel's southern shore on Tuesday.
IDF units intercepted a Hamas commando unit that sought to infiltrate Israel from the sea at Zikim Beach, just north of the Gaza Strip.
The new footage shows the scene unfold from the vantage point of the crosshairs of an Israeli naval vessel that helped ground forces neutralize the threat. At least five terrorists were killed in the failed attempt.
A senior security official said an IDF detachment was dispatched to Zikim Beach after the military detected suspicious movements in the area. The unit engaged the terrorists, and shot and killed five of them. One soldier was lightly wounded in the exchange of fire.
Civilian eyewitnesses told Channel 2 that soldiers ran toward the beach from the Zikim Army Base and fired their weapons, as a boat approached from the Mediterranean sea and men on board fired at the beach.
Police closed off the vicinity and told residents of Kibbutz Zikim to stay indoors.
Izz al-Din al-Kassam, Hamas’s military wing, claimed on its Twitter account responsibility for the attack, saying that it “stormed the Zionist naval base on the shores of the sea.”
Reuters contributed to this report.