August 5: Writing on the wall

There is a not a single issue that Jeff Barak writes about in which he doesn’t ultimately blame Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Unnecessary rivalry
Regarding “IFCJ expands new aliya program beyond Ukraine” (August 3), I find it disturbing that both the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews and the Jewish Agency are criticizing each other in order to gain publicity.
Some of the claims made by the IFCJ are ridiculous. The Jewish Agency has emissaries in a large number of countries, and while budgetary constraints necessitate an examination of efficiency, the work it does is irreplaceable. Its aliya desk is certainly open, as many recently arrived olim can testify.
The Cinderella of the government, the Immigration and Absorption Ministry has the largest and the hardest part of the process, with its office at the airport working on a shoestring budget, interviewing and processing hundreds of olim 24 hours a day, six days a week. It is this office that produces the identity cards for the olim on behalf of the Interior Ministry. It is also this small office that produces all the documents for those people brought here by the IFCJ, as well as Nefesh B’Nefesh.
The IFCJ, along with lesser- known Christian organizations, can better participate in the aliya project by directing their funds to the benefit of olim rather than venturing into a very expensive, inefficient and unnecessary competition with the Jewish Agency.
Writing on the wall
Jeff Barak’s “The writing, literally, was on the wall” (Reality Check, August 3) is a seismically shocking piece. It is a wakeup call for us all.
Our fellow Israelis – our fellow Jews – have joined the ranks of the terrorists. For this they should be excommunicated.
The perpetrators of the crime couldn’t have chosen a worse moment to cast their gory spotlight on us.
People are so horrified that they are grasping at straws in their abject shame and embarrassment.
They are saying that maybe the perpetrators weren’t Jews after all, that they were from some other race trying to create mischief by making us look like bastards.
Most of us are speechless.
There are not enough words of opprobrium to express our unending horror at the depths to which we have sunk.
We are without adequate moral leadership. We are failing in the worst possible way.
Every day should be Tisha Be’av for us after this atrocity.
Fool me once, you should be ashamed. Fool me twice, I should be ashamed. Fool me in perpetuity, I am a secular, progressive, enlightened Israeli pseudo-intellectual devoted to the peace process despite our peace partners’ unchanging declarations that we must be destroyed.
In 1950 it was reported that the Communist Party of the United States had more FBI agents posing as members than it did true believers.
Today, our Shin Bet has more operatives than ever before – how many Avishai Raviv clones are out there attacking churches, mosques or gay gatherings, or burning Arab property? If this policy previously worked well at preparing the general public for destructive action against the religious/ nationalist/settler population, surely it will work again to remove all Jews from Judea and Samaria.
Bnei Dekalim
There is a not a single issue that Jeff Barak writes about in which he doesn’t ultimately blame Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. His most recent attempt – to pin the abhorrent and senseless murder of a baby and the attempted murder of the rest of his family on Netanyahu and the Right – really tops it off.
Barak’s visceral and irrational hatred for the man and everything he stands for seeps through every word he writes, which The Jerusalem Post unfortunately publishes. He would be doing himself and our society a tremendous service by learning to live with the fact that a plurality of voters democratically elected Netanyahu to lead the country at this time.
He could also put some effort into learning to respect the opinions of those who disagree with him, for example those who, with ample justification, consider the majority of the justices sitting on our High Court to be from a leftist political persuasion.
Since he is a fairly good writer, many of us would probably come to enjoy what Barak has to say if he would start writing from a standpoint of love and respect for others.
Beit Shemesh
All or none
Ruthie Blum, in “When invoking WWII is appropriate” (Right from Wrong, August 3), is perhaps one of the few individuals who is right in not objecting to Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s statement that US President Barack Obama “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”
None of the personalities Blum mentions objected to Iranian comments calling to “wipe Israel off the map” or calling Israel a “one-bomb country.” However, they dare to criticize Huckabee’s Holocaust imagery.
Fox News Channel personality Geraldo Rivera asked Huckabee to apologize, but Rivera and the rest are the ones who should apologize for letting the Iranian remarks go unchallenged.
European stooge
Amanda Paul, a senior policy analyst at the European Policy Centre, exposes how think tank “experts” are divorced from real politics (“The Iran deal,” Letters, August 3).
Her advice to Israel, that “the best way for Israel to shield itself from any negative Iranian influence is to reinvigorate the peace process with the Palestinians,” exhibits a total lack of understanding of what is at the heart of both the Palestinian movement and the Iranian/Islamic aim for Palestine.
I hope she read the news report in the same issue that outlined a new book written by no less than Iran’s supreme leader (“Khamenei’s new book, ‘Palestine,’ calls for an end to the State of Israel”). In this book, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei states that Israel would have to live under Muslim rule and that no Jews would be allowed to vote, though Arabs would have full rights.
Khamenei describes himself as the flag bearer of jihad to liberate Jerusalem and promote “the hegemony of Iran.” Part of his tactic to achieve that is what he calls “Israel fatigue,” namely, pressing the international community to abandon support for Israel and wear it down.
Not only does Ms. Paul not understand the joint ambition of the Palestinians and Iranians on this issue, but she is unwittingly acting as one of the European stooges in the Iranian design to weaken and replace Israel with an Islamic state of Palestine,
Truth about Pollard
Kudos to Amotz Asa-El for his brilliant testimony on the truth about Jonathan Pollard (“The spy who came in from the fold,” Middle Israel, July 31).
Pollard might be a legend for Israelis, but he certainly is not a hero. He betrayed his country for a few pieces of silver. He passed on secret information to Israel not out of love of Zion, but out of love of money.
He was and is an American traitor.
His imprisonment was unjust only in terms of the length of years. Then-secretary of defense Casper Weinberger was an anti-Semite of Jewish origins who no doubt sought to punish a Jew for betraying his country.
I am satisfied that Pollard will soon be released on parole.
But if he eventually comes to Israel, he should not be welcomed as a hero – only as a simple Jew who paid a very severe price for misguided deeds long ago.
Rishon Lezion