Bibi needs to say something about convicted Jewish terrorist Yona Avrushmi

In the interview, Avrushmi was confronted with a quote from his police interrogation. He then said the protesters were “like germs… that should be exterminated.”

Peace Now anti-Bibi poster  (photo credit: AVSHALOM SHOSHANI)
Peace Now anti-Bibi poster
(photo credit: AVSHALOM SHOSHANI)
On Friday night, Channel 12 aired an interview with convicted Jewish terrorist Yona Avrushmi.
In 1983, Avrushmi infiltrated a Peace Now demonstration and threw a grenade toward a group of protesters, killing Emil Grunzweig and wounding others. During his life sentence in prison, he asked the president to be pardoned, saying he regretted his actions. He was released in 2011, serving 27 years.
In the interview, Avrushmi was confronted with a quote from his police interrogation. He then said the protesters were “like germs… that should be exterminated.”
Asked if he still thinks this way, despite having previously said he regretted his actions, Avrushmi answered: “Yes, of course. There is no question here.”
The interviewer replied: “Do you think the same about today’s protesters [against Prime Minister Netanyahu]?”
“Yes, of course! They are all germs. There is no debate [that they are germs].”
Avrushmi said he has no plans to confront demonstrators, but he said that in “Balfour [the Prime Minister’s Residence], there are young men. They will go there, and they know what to do. They know exactly what to do.”
After being released, supposedly because of his remorse, Avrushmi is calling for violence against peaceful protesters.
It took the police more than 48 hours to open an investigation into his remarks. But even more outrageous than the force’s dawdling, is the politicians’ silence. It took Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz – who was one of the Peace Now protesters injured by Avrushmi’s grenade – almost 36 hours to issue a condemnation. He called on the police to act and condemned Avrushmi’s deadly actions and inciting remarks, as well as the calls to hurt Netanyahu.
Comparing the two is belittling one of the worst political crimes ever committed here.
Murdering and harming innocent protesters in public is pure terrorism. It is an attempt to deter others from voicing their opinion.
Death threats against the prime minister are despicable and unacceptable acts that should be dealt with by the police immediately, and those who are involved should be prosecuted. But comparing the most protected person in the country, who is surrounded by bodyguards 24/7 and lives in a fortress, to actual violence used against protesters is wrong.
Since the protests against him started, Netanyahu has been trying to create this equation. Instead of talking about the protesters’ demands and complaints, he talks about death threats against him. In one of the incidents, he posted on social media a death threat that turned out to be from a fake user, and it is still unclear who was behind it.
Despite claiming the protesters are barely a “quarter of a Knesset seat,” Netanyahu and his partners in the Likud are constantly doubting the legitimacy of the demonstrations.
In his interview, Avrushmi quoted Netanyahu’s false remarks that the protesters are spreading diseases.
“Yes, they are spreading diseases. Did you see how they are going? [They are walking around] naked,” he said. “They should be removed from our society.”
But Netanyahu did not say a word about the interview.
He also kept silent when during a visit to Ramle last week supporters, only meters away from him, shouted: “We love you Bibi! All leftists must die!”
The prime minister’s power lies in both his words and his silence.
Instead of addressing the protesters’ complaints he delegitimizes them by calling them anarchists, disease-spreaders, saying they have no redlines and that their protests are funded by “Ehud Barak, the partner of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.”
Netanyahu’s partners are echoing his ideas. Coalition chairman Miki Zohar told Channel 12 “the demonstrators are not going to Balfour to protest their problems. They are anarchists, and many of them are funded by leftist organizations.” Public Security Minister Amir Ohana told the acting police commissioner that “We cannot go on with this anarchy. There’s a difference between [normal] protests and what we’ve see in recent weeks.”
What would an average citizen think when he sees the prime minister talking about the protests like that?
Avrushmi said he did what he did out of love for Menachem Begin, and stated that he loves Netanyahu even more and that there are people who are willing to die for him.
Netanyahu, say something. Prevent the next murder.

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