Fire him!

Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill incites violence against Jews, calls for Israel’s destruction.

Marc Lamont Hill (photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Marc Lamont Hill
(photo credit: WIKIPEDIA)
Temple University’s leaders Patrick O’Connor and Mitchell Morgan and president Richard Englert have a clear choice: If Temple condemns, removes the academic chair of, and terminates the Stephen Charles Prof. Marc Lamont Hill for repeatedly promoting the Jewish State of Israel’s destruction and violence against Jews, Temple will win back its now-damaged reputation and become a moral beacon where antisemitic hatred has no place, and where Jewish and pro-Israel students no longer live in fear.
Temple will restore the stated purpose of the Steven Charles Chair in Media, Cities and Solutions – to find solutions for our cities.
But, if Temple University continues employing Hill, this venerable Philadelphia institution will be a shameful abettor of malicious, gratuitous Jew-hatred and potential antisemitic violence.
Temple’s official statement that Hill doesn’t speak for Temple is woefully inadequate.
Marc Lamont Hill’s record is frightening and abominable.
During a lengthy rant at the United Nations last week, Hill proclaimed: “Free Palestine, from the river to the sea” – the unmistakable call for Israel’s complete violent replacement with “Palestine.”
During his same UN speech, Hill insisted, “We must offer more than just words,” and that instead we must allow Palestinian-Arabs to engage in “revolts,” “resistance,” and “tactics otherwise divergent from Dr. King and Mahatma Gandhi [peaceful policies].”
“Resistance” is a well-known euphemism for Palestinian-Arab violence and terrorism.
Hill further elevated violent “resistance” over non-violence, saying: “We cannot endorse narrow politics that shames Palestinians for resisting,” and, “We allowed this non-violent thing to become so normative that we’re undermining our ability to resist in real robust ways.”
Also at the UN, Hill called Israel’s rebirth in 1948 the “Nakba – the tragic and great catastrophe” – language that rationalizes Hill’s calls for Israel’s extinction. Hill also demanded a so-called Palestinian “right of return” – an Arab ploy to eliminate the Jewish state by allowing millions of Arabs to move there. At a September 2018 anti-Israel conference (where Hill was introduced as the Steven Charles professor at Temple University), Hill falsely declared that Israel is “poisoning” Palestinian-Arabs’ water, and locking up and killing Arab children – classic medieval antisemitic blood libels. Hill again advocated for violence, saying, “Part of the problem is... we too often adopt a civil rights tradition that romanticizes non-violence... We can’t romanticize resistance.”
Shockingly, Hill also strenuously objects to condemning Palestinian terrorism. In May 2017, Hill tweeted: “Trump’s position on Israel/ Palestine is repugnant. His call for Palestine to ‘reject hatred and terrorism’ is offensive & counterproductive.” On national television in 2014, Hill complained that the anti-missile defense system, the Iron Dome, “takes away Hamas’s military leverage” over Israel. (Hamas is on America’s and other countries’ list of terrorist groups.) Hill’s position would leave innocent Israeli civilians unprotected from Hamas’s rocket barrages.
IN A 2014 debate with Alan Dershowitz, Hill justified terrorism and murdering Jews, saying: “Everything that Hamas is doing, everything that the Palestinian people are fighting for, is from a posture of resistance to occupation.”
Similarly, on CNN, in response to Hamas kidnapping and murdering three Israeli children in 2014, Hill invoked a phony “occupation” rationalization (despite Israel having left Gaza a decade earlier), and declared: “That’s what starts as resistance. It’s not terrorism.” Hill also complained about an “imbalance in body count” – thereby insinuating that not enough Israelis have been murdered.
In 2015, Hill promoted Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist leader Rasmea Odeh – who was convicted for murdering two Jewish students in a Jerusalem bombing, in Hill’s op-ed on Huffington Post titled “Why Every Black Activist Should Stand with Rasmea Odeh.” Incredibly, Hill called terrorist/murderer Odeh a “Palestinian freedom fighter being railroaded for her commitment to justice,” and falsely accused Israeli justice officials of raping her for 20 days and torturing her.
Similarly, in his recent UN speech, Hill praised “poet” Dareen Tatour – who posted violent youtube and Facebook videos calling for “Intifada,” “Islamic jihad,” “evicting” all the Jewish people from “Arab Palestine,” “not succumbing to the peaceful solution,” and “resistance” against Israel, including from within pre-1967 Israel.
In a May 2018 op-ed, Hill asserted that the statement “Israel has the right to exist” is merely “Israeli propaganda.” Hill also portrayed the Jewish people’s entire eternal homeland as “stolen land,” and opposed any deal that would leave any of Israel in existence.
Likewise, in a Palestine Solidarity “revolutionary struggle” video filmed inside pre-1967 Israel, Hill declared while standing in Israel that he was in “Palestine” which “has been stolen by greed and destroyed by hate,” and falsely accused Israel of writing laws “in the blood of the innocent.” Hill also endorsed “revolutionary struggle,” “resistance” and “fighting” against the Israeli “occupation” of “Palestine.”
No wonder Jew-hating racist David Duke praised Hill’s position on Israel this week!
Moreover, on October 17, 2018, Hill tweeted “I think BDS [boycott, divestment and sanctions] is a good first step [against Israel], but so much more is needed.”
A good first step toward rehabilitating Temple’s and Stephen Charles’s good names and minimizing antisemitism at Temple would be condemning and firing Stephen Charles Prof. Marc Lamont Hill.
The writer, Temple University BA 1970, MBA 1973, is national president of the Zionist Organization of America. Follow him at @mortonaklein7 and