How to Protect Your Business from Personal Injury Claims

If you don’t properly prepare for personal injury claims, you could find yourself out of business in no time.

Wheelchair (illustrative) (photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
Wheelchair (illustrative)
(photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
As a business owner, you should always be prepared for the worst case scenario. Sometimes that involves losing important clients, dealing with unexpected expenses, or even having to defend yourself against employees who seek to ruin your company through outrageous personal injury claims. Based on recent studies, more than 90% of all Israelis who file a personal injury claim are involved in either a traffic accident or a work-related accident. Unfortunately, plenty of Israelian personal injury policies don’t cover these types of accidents.
If you don’t properly prepare for these events, you could find yourself out of business in no time. If a person is injured due to your business, he or she could seek to collect damages from you. Some employees could even go as far as injuring themselves on purpose in order to file a personal injury claim. When having to deal with a personal injury claim, a plaintiff can opt for no win no fee solicitors to handle their case.
You can find our list of tips on how to protect your business from personal injury claims below.
Invest In A General Liability Insurance Policy
It goes without saying that such an insurance policy is a must for any and every type of business, regardless of its size. Without a general liability insurance policy, your company is at risk with every personal injury claim. More often than not, these types of insurance policies come together with those for property insurance. It’s best to try and opt for a property insurance policy that also offers general liability insurance.
In case you operate your business from the warmth of your home, you might have neither of these insurance policies. If this is the case, opting for a business liability insurance is your best option. It encompasses the best of both worlds, offering business owners protection from both personal injuries and property damage.
Regardless of the type of insurance policy you opt for, it’s important that you review it on a regular basis. Once a year should be more than enough. 

Stop Accidents Before They Happen
This might be easier said than done but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be actively pursuing it. As a business owner, you are directly responsible for property maintenance. Given than a lot of personal injury claims are based on faulty structural components, it is essential to fix these right away. A loose brick or railing could easily be the cause of one of your employees getting injured.
Many serious injury reports have also resulted from pedestrians being hit by loose parts that fell off a building facade. Sure, hundreds of scenarios could lead to no injury at all. However, you should be able to prevent all of them. Conduct regular inspections of the building you work in and to the machinery that your employees operate.
Have A Business Attorney
You can never be too safe against legal claims. Whether you own a 10-man company or a 1,000-man company, a business attorney is a must. His or her expertise is invaluable from the inception of your company. The right business attorney can be your right hand while signing contracts, setting up bank accounts, filing documentation, and and other operational tasks that are required to open and run a successful business.
If someone files a claim against your company, you should notify your business attorney. If you’re planning a major change for your company, you should notify your business attorney. An attorney’s legal insights offer valuable information that will save you both time and effort in the long run. His job is to advise you on how to take the proper steps towards achieving your goal, ensuring that every company liability is properly covered.