January 29: State of Kinneret

I have no idea how many readers of The Jerusalem Post are interested in the level of the Kinneret after it rains (“Cold front isn’t as bad as forecast,” January 27).

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
State of Kinneret
I have no idea how many readers of The Jerusalem Post are interested in the level of the Kinneret after it rains (“Cold front isn’t as bad as forecast,” January 27).
It might be that people love to know that the level rose one centimeter.
However, I’m sure that almost no one wants to know that the level is now 4.02 meters from full and that it is now 212.82 m. below Sea Level.
A meaningful number to publish would to be how the level compares to other years. A good number would be the average level at this time of year so that we know if we are doing well.
Watch out, US
According to Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid (“Lapid: US helped Iran fund its next war against Israel,” January 26), John Kerry, the American secretary of state, admitted that a share of the money Iran is receiving as a result of the agreement to limit its nuclear program will go for terrorism.
What Kerry did not admit is that plans for Iranian- sponsored terror include not only the Little Satan, but the Big Satan, and the American people should know that the deal also means the introduction of Iranian-sponsored terror and murder into the US.
Would the American people accept the fact that even a share of American money for Iran will go toward killing Americans? JOSHUA
J. ADLER, Jerusalem
Barak unfazed
Yet more Israelis are stabbed to death by Palestinians, and in response, the Palestinian Authority – Israel’s erstwhile peace partner – declares the dead attackers shahids (martyrs). Meanwhile, B’Tselem is noticeably silent when one of its supporters openly boasts of how he entraps Palestinians and hands them over to the PA for torture and murder.
None of this seems to faze Jeff Barak (“Double standards,” Reality Check, January 25), who attacks Israel by claiming it has double standards. Barak is, of course, right – there are double standards in Israel, but they lie with Barak himself and those with whom he identifies.
H.B. MITCHELL, Mazkeret
Batya Shapiro is right I’m neither Right nor Left, but unfortunately, I have to agree with the American ambassador to Israel (“Netanyahu, Shapiro trade jabs over ‘two standards’ of law in West Bank,” January 19).
I have been saying for years that there are indeed two standards – one for the Palestinians, and one for us.
Get a guard dog
I am mourning the loss of so many unarmed Israelis, murdered, often in their own homes or neighborhoods.
But I know how to dramatically lessen the odds of such attacks.
My son, a commander in the IDF, announced that he and his wife were going to live in a trailer at Otniel. Having never been there, I asked if they would take me. To get to the trailers, you had to go down in a valley and climb to the next hill.
There were about seven trailers, and nothing else.
And they were surrounded by Arab villages.
It was long past time when I could tell my son “no,” so I bought a fully trained guard dog, a huge black Belgium shepherd, and wrote the kids the following: “You can live in that trailer with this wonderful dog, or visit me in the hospital.”
I can never prove that this has made a difference to my son and his wife, but no one can prove it hasn’t.
Please. Those who live in vulnerable places, get a trained guard dog for your family.
LYNN GIMPEL, Jerusalem
State of Kinneret
The January 24 editorial “The peoples’ choice” was based in part on Daniel Tauber’s “To save the Knesset’s honor, make it change” (For Zion’s Sake, January 21).