Jerusalem Post Letters to the Editor: Groveling PM

Instead of behaving like the proud prime minister of a sovereign nation, Benjamin Netanyahu rushes like a poor relation so grateful for handouts.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Groveling PM
With regard to “Netanyahu tries to ease US concerns after harsh settlement condemnation” (October 9), our oh-so-brave prime minister once again goes groveling to the US, which found it convenient to throw in our face the recent aid package he accepted so humbly.
Instead of behaving like the proud prime minister of a sovereign nation, Benjamin Netanyahu rushes like a poor relation so grateful for handouts.
He gives a reason why he might have to build a few homes for Jews in the Jewish land because he is throwing out those same Jews, just as he has promised he would do in Judea and Samaria once he gets that terrorist-ina- suit, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, to merely agree to return to negotiations over land that belongs exclusively to the Jewish people.
If Netanyahu had any faith or courage, this whole land would have been declared sovereign years ago. So much death and destruction could have been avoided, as could the humiliation of always being told where we can live in our own land.
Very limited value
“Having the nerve to fight disease” (Health & Science, October 9), about MS research and treatment, contained some rather unfortunate errors of fact mixed with a great deal of industry misinformation regarding the state of therapeutics.
None of the growing list of drugs used today have demonstrated the ability to “modify the course of the disease,” and the most promising among them pose risks far more serious than “GI problems” and “heartbeat irregularities.”
Also, the increasingly popular approach of combining drug-induced destruction of the patient’s aberrant immune system and replacement by the patient’s own stem cells does not aim to “restore lost motor neurons.”
That simply isn’t in the cards, and for more reasons then I can go into here.
With all due respect to a fine science writer, I found the information presented here of very limited value.
The writer is a neurobiologist with expertise in the areas of zinc biology, development and neuronal regeneration.
Vision and energy
I never thought I would live to see the day (I’m 84) when there would be reciprocal contemporary farming ideas between Israel and England (“Activists seek to raise funds to establish UK’s first modern-day Jewish farm,” October 7).
Talia Chain has vision and energy, and I hope she gets the support she and her ideas deserve.
Rotten morsel
The piece written by Orit Arfa (“Peres, the idol of peace,” Comment & Features, October 6) says it in a nutshell: Shimon Peres always operated in the shadows, and that is where he did his damage.
Left-wingers seized upon Peres’s language and actions, and they co-opted him into their fold to use him against his own people.
Even when he saw this, his ego would not allow him to step away.
Peres and his aide, Yossi Beilin, led prime minister Yitzhak Rabin by the nose to Oslo and forced that tragedy upon us. They adopted the position that we, the people, were ignorant.
Arfa would do a service for the people of Israel if she peeled back the layers of Peres, Rabin and Beilin, and showed Israel and the world that the emperors had no clothes. If this is not done, we will be subjected to an ongoing litany of platitudes about “the courageous and the brave and the daring and the visionary.” Please save us from that.
It is time for Peres and Rabin to be truly buried and forgotten. All their great achievements of yesteryear were crushed by the failure of the Oslo adventure, and now the world will ram this rotten morsel down our throats at every given opportunity.
M. LEVENTHAL Jerusalem
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