Jerusalem Post Letters to the Editor: ‘Post’ readers react to Friday’s massacres in Paris

The wolves have already entered the sheep's pen.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
In the aftermath of the barbaric attacks in Paris, French President François Hollande’s order to close the borders comes a bit late.
The wolves have already entered the sheep pen.
For years, European prophets of doom have been warning that the unrestricted immigration from Muslim countries would cause grave problems, but no one listened.
Instead, these prophets were charged with incitement to violence, racism and hate speech.
Muslims today comprise approximately 10 percent of some of the EU’s populations. Many European cities have “no go” zones. Before Europe is overwhelmed, it will have to take drastic measures.
As a way to avoid this problem, I propose a “two state” solution in Europe, one for Christians and one for Muslims.
My condolences to the French people for the horrific attacks on French soil by Muslim terrorists.
With over five million Muslims in a population of 66 million, the security situation in France is grave. Perhaps the French should adopt the solution they have urged on the Israelis for decades: two states.
Give their Muslim population le Midi. The South of France would perfectly suit the Muslims and simultaneously resolve the problem of what to do about refugees arriving by boat from North Africa.
This would also save the French from the sin of over-reacting.
I am certain that the French, having lectured Israelis for years about the immorality of a disproportionate response to Muslim terrorists, will want to exercise restraint now that their own country has been attacked.
BRUCE CLEMENT Bellevue, Washington
With thousands of refugees pouring into Europe, can someone tell me name of the Muslim version of a Trojan horse?
The dismay reflected on US President Barack Obama’s face and his depressed words of sympathy to the beleaguered French nation are his legacy and a complete refutation of his challenging cry, “Yes we can!” His attitude toward the jihadists of the world played a large part in Friday’s violent events in France.
His readiness to negotiate with thugs and immoral regimes and try to put good spin on their evil politics is what has led us into this downward spiral.
The world is now at war, and Obama must shoulder a good deal of the blame because of his ill-advised “balanced” attitude toward these warmongers. Negotiating with and trusting regimes that openly want to destroy democracies sends a bad message.
We are witnessing the reaction to this message.
The French have now joined us Israelis in having to walk in fear, looking back over their shoulders.
Are there any strong, moral statesmen who can remove us from this morass?
As US President Barack Obama has claimed that there is no such thing as “radical Islam,” I suppose it is safe to assume that the murders in Paris, where the killers probably shouted “Allahu akbar,” were carried out by ordinary Muslims.
Of course, this would then prove that Islam is not a religion of peace or equality or fraternity, but instead is out to conquer the world and impose Shari’a law and then offer the “infidels” of other religions to either convert or die.
Islam, founded in Arabia, reached the gates of Vienna by the power of the sword. There is a saying that “those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.” Personally, I prefer the advice of our sages: “If someone is out to kill you, get there first and kill him.”
The heinous murder of innocent Frenchmen is horribly tragic. The world’s response is uplifting and encouraging. But where are the solidarity rallies supporting us when Jewish blood is spilled? Where is the outrage? Nowhere! Jewish blood is cheap. Of course, we must “understand” the motivation of the poor, oppressed Arabs and make allowances for them because, after all, we are to blame for their violence.
I am waiting for the French to now take a good look at themselves and see where they went wrong to make followers of the “religion of peace” behave so badly. It’s not the Muslims’ fault; the French made them do it! The French must understand the frustration of the “militants” and repent for their past behavior so that they might avoid future acting out by these oppressed freedom fighters.
What happened in France should make the world realize what is happening in Israel every day.
The murder of innocent Israelis takes place constantly by the same kind of murderers and terrorists who took the lives of so many innocent people in France. These are just plain murderers, and no excuses justify their actions.
Many the politicians of the world who are horrified at what happened in France have fought to justify the actions of the murderous Palestinians, saying they have a cause. Well, they certainly had the same cause when Syria, Jordan and Egypt ruled them, but they didn’t dare lift a hand against those countries. Only against poor, innocent Israelis.
This behavior must finally be stopped. Everyone must listen to the words of the president of France. This is a war and we must win. This is the truth, whether it is in Israel, France, Russia or the United States.
The cries of “Allahu akbar” in Paris, Jerusalem, Hebron, London and Madrid are the same. The jihadists’ sense of entitlement and their interpretation of God is evil personified.
It is time for the world to wake up!
French authorities should immediately close every mosque in France. A mosque would be permitted to reopen if its imam agreed in writing that it would not be used to: 1. Promote hatred, violence, conquest or the subjugation of women or people who are not Muslims 2. Marry or exploit children 3. Denigrate any other religion.
The imam would have to agree in writing that the mosque would be used to promote: 1. Liberty, equality and fraternity for all people 2. Human rights and respect for all people regardless of religion, sex, race, sexual orientation, economic status or education level 3. The protection of Earth from pollution and being despoiled.
If the mosque later breaches the agreement, it would be closed permanently and could not reopen as another mosque.
If a member of the mosque or a worshiper there is convicted of terrorism, the mosque would be closed permanently and could not reopen as another mosque.
These measures would not be temporary. They would be permanent.
The same measures should be taken everywhere, including Israel, Judea and Samaria.
Muslims will never accept Christians, Jews or any faith other than their own. If the EU thinks that allowing the labeling of products from Israeli settlements will change the minds of Muslims, they are mistaken.
The EU fiddles with labels while Europe burns.
• Shmuel Eliyahu is chief rabbi of Safed, and not as stated due to an editing error in “Rabbinical conference on sexual abuse to open in Jerusalem today” (November 15).
• The photo at the top left of “Rule, Britannia” (Grapevine, November 13) is of (left to right) former Jerusalem Post co-editor- in-chief Ari Rath, photographer David Rubinger and Post archivist Alexander Zvielli, and not as stated. It was taken by Marc Israel Sellem.