June 17: Missing the point

I am not without sympathy for the displaced Arab settlers that the West has made into Palestinians.

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(photo credit: REUTERS)
Missing the point
With regard to “Anti-BDS efforts will backfire” (Comment & Features, June 15), Rabbi Jill Jacobs misses the point.
I am not without sympathy for the displaced Arab settlers that the West has made into Palestinians. They really are victims, as they were never a nation and are unable to control their own destiny. The so-called occupation is of land won from the Jordanians after they rather stupidly joined in the 1967 war against Israel.
I am certain that the Israelis and Jordanians would be only too happy to help create a state for these people, although they have never had an indigenous leader and have been used by other Arab peoples with an agenda to become the enemies of the Jews and the Israeli state.
If they can ally themselves with the Israelis and the Jordanians, and free themselves from the yoke of Hamas and Hezbollah, they could live in peace and prosperity in their own land, with secure borders.
Jill Jacobs is very confident that if only Israel were to evacuate Judea and Samaria, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, and then ensure that these areas are judenrein, Zionism would be reclaimed from “the settlers and right-wing politicians” who are destroying it. Not once does she criticize Arab terror or Arab rejection of the Jewish state.
In the words of another appeaser, peace in our time.
Jacobs is executive director of T’ruah – The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, a left-wing organization in the US that feels there are not enough problems in that country to deal with and is impelled, from a safe distance and out of a deep moral concern for the soul of Zionism and Judaism, to dictate to Israelis what is best for them. Yet the democratic process here voted in a right-wing government, and nearly 800,000 Jews live in what T’ruah defines as occupied land.
For left-wingers, it matters not what the people want – only the Left knows best, but this time under the cloak of Torah, or so Jacobs claims.
She is not sickened by the Jew-free Arab state that is proposed, because it is not the Torah that guides T’ruah, but leftist ideology.
T’ruah’s public bashing of Israel is a stain on the Jewish people, and although I am sure she means well, Jacobs’s naïve actions are cannon fodder for Israel and Jew-haters who use T’ruah as proof that Israel prevents peace in the Middle East.
Debacle of WoW
I was quite surprised to read the June 10 Editor’s Notes column by Jerusalem Post editor-in-chief Yaakov Katz (“A free Kotel”). It was in favor of the Women of the Wall (WoW) disrupting the normal course of services at the holiest site of our people despite the fact that their “rituals” go against the core of Orthodox Judaism.
Please note that if the members of WoW really had respect for the holiness of the site, they would not be so provocative.
What have Reform and Conservative Jewry accomplished for religion during the past 50 years? Why are they now trying to denigrate the holiness of the Western Wall with their “rituals,” which have no basis in Halacha? I wonder what would happen if they were to arrive at the Baha’i shrine in Haifa and try to impose their standards there. How long would they last before being asked to leave the premises? Why are we so tolerant of this debacle? This is not a matter of democracy.
Please realize that your newspaper is read worldwide.
The editor-in-chief’s columns should be written with a greater sense of responsibility toward all Jews.