Letters to the Editor:

What does it take for our leadership to stand proud and state without shame that this is our land.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Gafni and provocations
I was dismayed and disappointed to read that a religious member of Knesset, Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism), requested that Jewish politicians not be allowed to ascend the Temple Mount for “fear of provoking the nations of the world.”
With such an attitude, I would suggest that MK Gafni not walk around in Jerusalem with a kippa on his head or, better yet, not live in Israel at all, for his very existence in this land is a provocation to many nations of the world.
What does it take for our leadership to stand proud and state without shame that this is our land – including the Temple Mount, which has been part of our tradition, beliefs and culture for over 3,000 years?
Israel’s judiciary
At the risk of sounding melodramatic, your editorial “Roll back the revolution” (October 28) is one of the most important, timely and needed statements that has come from your editorial board in years.
It is perplexing how Israel can revel in the delusional conviction that it is a democracy when it has the most intrusive, arbitrary and, yes, authoritarian judiciary in the world. If the Supreme Court were a bastion of self-perpetuating right-wingers operating in similar fashion, the cries of fascism would be reverberating non-stop throughout the leftwing parties and the Left-dominated media and academia.
Surely, this is situational ethics and must be rejected.
Fascism and progressivism are two sides of the same coin. The reality is, labels notwithstanding, the Supreme Court has accrued a massive concentration of power for a non-accountable oligarchy that rules regardless of the will of the people or its elected representatives.
Sadly, all attempts at reform are met with reflexive cries of anti-democracy, fascism, McCarthyism and the usual array of demonization that increasingly defines the discourse of the Left.
Rosh Pina

I am puzzled by “Roll back the revolution.”
Although there are indeed several illustrations citing the attorney- general giving advice regarding the legality of prospective legislation, there are no references or descriptions of his actually being engaged in some activity that tells the Knesset how to proceed or blocks its path. The editorial, nevertheless, clearly implies that the attorney-general has now begun to move beyond his traditional role by exerting such power.
I think more information is called for to suggest that this is true.
Hillary vs Donald
I was disappointed that your lengthy and informative “The coming shift” (Frontlines, October 28), about what might be expected from a Hillary Clinton administration regarding policy on Israel, did not discuss the role of the Palestinians in any peace arrangement.

New York
What an irony that someone like Bill Clinton assumes the right to dictate to American Jews regarding a “moral imperative” (“Jewish Americans have a moral imperative to oppose Trump, Bill Clinton says,” October 25). His past and present scandals should disqualify him from being a serious spokesperson for morality.
His advice would have us hide our revulsion at the many transgressions of Hillary Clinton, his wife, who has supported President Barack Obama’s abysmal domestic fiascoes, such as Obamacare, and his international failures, like Benghazi, interference in the Arab Spring, the growth of ISIS, the undisclosed secrets of the Iran agreement, the abandonment of friends and collaboration with hostile regimes, and allowing questionable refugees into the country.
One cannot ignore the Clinton duplicity that has been revealed in the thousands of hidden emails that are now being exposed, with contradictions between Hillary’s private and public opinions, and, of course, the Clinton Foundation irregularities.
The election is a choice between truth crudely expressed, and lies and deception stated with eloquence.
Not quite appetizing
During the Holocaust, the Bielski brothers, Polish partisans hiding in the forests, sacrificed their leader’s horse when there was no food for them or the 1,200 Jews who had joined them for safety. They did not kill the horse as a publicity stunt.
They killed it to keep from starving.
Rabbi Natan Slifkin, founder of the Biblical Museum of Natural History in Beit Shemesh (“A feast of biblical proportions,” October 19), gets my thumbsdown for hosting a food festival on Succot where a deer and quail were roasted on an outdoor spit and ceremoniously served to diners. By the time I came to the photo of a spitroast deer laid out on a table atop palm fronds, I was so filled with revulsion that I could hardly continue.
I do not believe that this was an appropriate means for Rabbi Slifkin to publicize his museum.

A newspaper’s stance
The Jerusalem Post’s new editor has his newspapers mixed up or he is using a back door to promote Haaretz. Either way, it is unacceptable (“What is B’Tselem?” Editorial, October 18).
The editorial writer says that human rights organizations such as B’Tselem serve an important role in maintaining Israel’s robust democracy. I think the “important” role of these organizations is to undermine Israel and promote their Arab friends, even though these friends call for our destruction and murder our people. The “relentless scrutiny to which they subject our government, military and legislation” only benefits these friends.
These organizations and their supporters are twisted, with no interest in keeping the Jewish, sovereign State of Israel safe for our people.
B’Tselem needs to educate itself as to “human rights violations” in areas of the Land of Israel currently occupied by intruder Arabs with no right to be here, and whose only purpose is our total destruction.
It is strange how B’Tselem people are always on hand with a camera to photograph any incident they hope to use against Israel; anyone ever notice those cameras on hand when the atrocities are committed by the Arabs against Jews? Only later does the writer takes issue with B’Tselem calling on the UN to take action against “illegal Israeli settlements.” This cannot make up for the legitimacy the editorial gives to this revolting organization.
Where is The Jerusalem Post that I have had delivered for over 20 years? I thought it supported the right of the Jews of Israel to expand into their own land, and to build and settle.
Why does the Post accept that the spoils of war belong only to others, and Israel is forced to give back land for which so many of its people died? Why does it feel obligated to give treasonous organizations like B’Tselem and Peace Now extensive platforms to denigrate and malign Israel? Why does it provide unbelievable space to support Hillary Clinton and destroy Donald Trump, seemingly buying into the over $200 million of propaganda put out by the corrupt Clinton organization? Why does it need to spew the hate and venom coming out of the New York Times? For years, I believed we English speakers had one newspaper here that unabashedly supported Israel and told the unaltered history of this tiny country. Why do you call us “occupiers”? Why do you justify not living in Judea and Samaria? Why do you think we want to read outside opinions or critics who find only fault or evil in Israel? I don’t want the Post to turn into another hateful English-language paper.