Letters to the Editor: Fighting back

Abbas cannot be allowed to get away with the murder of innocent people as a result of his hateful speech.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Fighting back Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should have Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas arrested and indicted for hate speech and murder (“Abbas: Israel is carrying out ‘field executions,’” October 15).
Abbas cannot be allowed to get away with the murder of innocent people as a result of his hateful speech.
Be strong and of good courage, Mr. Prime Minister – the Israeli people are behind you now as never before. They need you to show strength! Start deporting rock throwers and their families. Stop arresting people in Gush Etzion for defending themselves.
This is not the time to be dovish! M. BENNETT Jerusalem It seems to me that the government policy to shoot and kill terrorists is ill advised. The best medicine for these people is to shoot to maim them and then deport them to a country willing to take them. If we kill, we add to the list of martyrs they can hold up to the world as examples of “Israeli brutality.”
Furthermore, we must employ the finest writers to combat the bad PR we get and make our case more effectively. The media war against us is horrific. We are not doing enough to fight it!
A surprising Kerry
What surprises me about US Secretary of State John Kerry (“Kerry: Settlement increase has led to current violence,” October 15) is why he did not mention that the current violence is due to climate change or America’s bombing in Afghanistan or Putin’s interference in Middle Eastern wars. All are no less justifiable than his reason for jihadi violence in Israel, as well as everywhere else.
When is Muslim violence here going to be recognized for what it is and for what it wants – the disappearance of the only Jewish state? When are political leaders going to tell Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to stop his lies, incitement and hagiolatry of murdering jihadists? When are they going to tell him to stop abusing the minds of Arab children by feeding them hate in every schoolroom? Until all that is done, violence will continue. Blaming Jews will not be the answer.
EDMUND JONAH Rishon Lezion
Can’t just watch
So Saeb Erekat, the PLO secretary- general, has called on the United Nations to come to our region and launch an investigation into the recent killings of Palestinians by the Israel Police and IDF (“PA seeks international probe of Israeli killings of terrorists,” October 14). He is complaining that the murderous axand knife-wielding terrorists are being shot because they did a little stabbing and killing.
What are we supposed to do? Stand by and watch? Our motto is Never Again.
Never again will we Jews stand by silently and be stabbed and hacked to death. If a Palestinian wants to go on a stabbing spree, so be it. But the message must be: If you do this, you will be shot dead! Sadly, though, this is glorification for them. They would be martyrs, and their families would glory in it and be rewarded.
Speaking out
We must pay heed to those of our Arab citizens who say they are disgusted with the maniacal Joint List (“Nazareth mayor to Odeh: You destroyed our city,” October 13).
The words of Mayor Ali Salam should be repeated time and time again all over the world. He spoke out very bravely, saying Joint List MKs had destroyed any peaceful life there was in Nazareth.
These lawmakers are a disaster to the people who want to live together.
I know that this message is very important to get out to the world and to the Arab population here. This means that the Arabs themselves have to disown leaders who have led them astray.
Their leaders have plenty of money, travel all over and are wined and dined by western politicos. They leave others to carry out the notorious murders and be killed or jailed. Hope will come only when the average Arab citizen rises up.
Preening and bluster
n “Bloodshed by any other name” (Right from Wrong, October 12), Ruthie Blum writes regarding the ongoing terrorist attacks that “this is not new.”
She notes that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and acting Israel Police Commissioner Bentzi Sau all said that Israel has been confronting Arab terrorism since its establishment.
“Basically,” she says, “they all agreed that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and the public has to be patient while the government and defense establishment emerge victorious....”
A prime minster and defense establishment with any courage and faith in the justness of our cause would have destroyed these terrorists before allowing them to destroy so many of our men, women, children and babies. How dare they tell us to be patient while they continue to prop up our enemies and actually leave our security in their hands.
Netanyahu continues to preen before the cameras. His bluster emerges as nothing more than the same defeatist surrender policies.
Regarding “Security is in the eye of the beholder” (Diplomacy, October 9), no, it is not. It is in the hearts of bereaved and wounded Israelis, and of those who feel threatened by what is happening – no less the people who trusted in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rhetoric. (I was not one.) Better we had a tough, resolute leader not given to great oratory, but to strong, decisive action against terror, and one less worried about reactions from the hopelessly weak and leaderless West. World opinion did nothing for the death of six million Jews, just as it will do nothing now for Israel’s security.
To those who intended to vote for Bayit Yehudi in the last election but faltered at the ballot box for fear of allowing in a left-wing coalition, are not the Likud and the moderate Left currently indistinguishable? I. KEMP Nahariya
Election first
As he usually does, Gershon Baskin never mentions Gaza in “Abbas is still the leader who can make peace” (Encountering Peace, October 8).
How can there be a two-state solution that does not include the Gaza Strip? Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas certainly cannot represent Gazans in any so-called peace negotiations. For that matter, he cannot represent any Palestinians, since his term ended years ago.
US and European leaders should demand immediate elections to determine what the Palestinians really want. If they elect Hamas, we can finally put the two-state solution to bed and begin annexing those communities that will always be part of Israel. If by some miracle they elect a leader who is actually willing to have real negotiations, we can go down that road.
Without an election, there is no need to sit down and discuss peace.
Credit where due
I want to make a clarification regarding “Israeli tech turns Boston’s ‘dirty water’ into beer” (October 6).
Practical reverse osmosis was invented by Sidney Loeb and Srinivasa Sourirajan. Their engineering breakthrough has allowed fresh water to be made available to countless millions of people throughout world.
Prof. Loeb later made aliya. He taught and continued to carry out research at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.