Letters to the editor: Readers comment on Trump-Netanyahu summit

"Like President Trump, we believe that Israel is a key strategic ally, with shared moral, ethical and democratic values. With that in mind, we hope both leaders will focus on radical Islam..."

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
My husband and I witnessed the historic, pivotal meeting between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Donald Trump (“Trump: I’d like you to hold back on settlements,” February 16). After eight years of hostility and undercutting by former president Barack Obama, it was a welcome change.
Like President Trump, we believe that Israel is a key strategic ally, with shared moral, ethical and democratic values. With that in mind, we hope both leaders will focus on radical Islam, the rise of Iran as a regional aggressor, the one-sided treatment of Israel by the UN, and solving the settlement and two-state problems.
But most of all, we agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu that peace will come from alliances with other Arab partners.
It is a new day for Israel.
We are optimistic and happy.
DIANA and DON THORN Carpenteria, California
In Montana, we were able to keep white supremacists out. Years ago, in Billings, a group came through that was antisemitic.
Everyone put menorahs in their windows and we were able to run them out.
Since the election of President Donald Trump, our country is not the same. In Whitefish, Montana, they are harassing Jews. I tried to stand up and tell them to stop; instead, they turned their hate on me. It was frightening.
They are marching with guns through Whitefish.
These are Trump voters.
Trump does nothing. He says one thing and does another. Hate crimes are up.
Please protect yourselves.
Do not give him any secrets. Do not believe him.
He will bring harm to you.
PAMELA FULGHAM Tucson, Arizona
I hope Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu brought up Palestinian use of US funds to pay stipends to terrorists and their families.
There is also the matter of naming streets after terrorists, thus encouraging a culture of terrorism and one against peace; continuous efforts to delegitimize Israel at the United Nations and in international courts; and a refusal to accept any Jewish connection to the Land of Israel despite global Jewish tradition, the Bible, archaeology and history.
These are basic concerns bringing into question Palestinian intentions and the legitimacy of continued US funding.
I’m furious at my favorite TV channel, Fox News, that it didn’t replay and discuss the words Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu uttered so truthfully at the press conference.
Bibi spoke for a few minutes about the fact that he had no peace partner. He reiterated how the Palestinian goal was the destruction of Israel by teaching hatred in schools and glorifying terrorists.
In his book Culture Warrior, Bill O’Reilly, a major Fox News commentator, wrote: “Control the children and you control the future.”
He could have made Netanyahu’s words his own talking points after the press conference, but he chose a topic of much less importance. I’m surprised.
JENNY WEIL Jerusalem
How right Gil Hoffman is when he writes: “Politicians on the Right ignored Trump’s call to limit settlement construction....”
(“Right ecstatic over White House shift,” February 16).
It is the same statement President Donald Trump has made since he entered politics – at their joint press conference, he leaned over to look Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the eye to underscore it.
Trump noted the Palestinians by name and their need to agree to any deal.
So how delusional is Bayit Yehudi party chair Naftali Bennett in saying “The Palestinian flag has come down and has been replaced by the Israeli flag,” as if this would bring about Trump’s peace? It is to be hoped that during Trump’s presidency, Israelis and Palestinians can, with his help, come to security and peace at last.
As he said at the press conference, “I think we’re going to make a deal. It might be a bigger and better deal than people in this room even understand.”
JAMES ADLER Cambridge, Massachusetts