Letters to the Editor: Readers react to evacuation of Amona

Right-wing or left-wing coalitions make little difference; the agenda will remain the same.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
With reference to “Amona evacuation meets violent resistance” (February 2), for years, many of us lovers of the “people of Israel in the Land of Israel” thought that despite all the talk of land for peace, the secular state would do everything to prevent this disaster from taking place. We were led to believe that all the withdrawals and agreements (Sinai, Hebron, Gush Katif) were but smokescreens designed to appease every US president since Nixon, and to defuse American pressure.
Today, we have an American president who, by his choice for next ambassador to Israel, might well say: “Jews, what are you waiting for? Build, possess, annex.
It’s all yours!” So the secular state can no longer hide its true agenda, which is becoming increasingly anti- Land of Israel, anti-Torah and, yes, even anti-Jewish people in Israel.
It is becoming obvious to all that true power is concentrated in the Supreme Court, not the Knesset.
Therefore, right-wing or left-wing coalitions make little difference; the agenda will remain the same.
Religious Zionists, who for years have held on to the core belief that the secular state is the beginning of redemption, are starting to understand the true direction of the state – and that direction is probably not the direction that Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook imagined 85 years ago. What would the rabbi say if he saw Jews forced out of their homes again after the disaster of Gush Katif? Would he still hold that the secular state is a “holy vessel”? Today, the secular State of Israel has been exposed for what it truly stands for.
Regarding “A thousand flock to Amona to defend hilltop residents” (February 1), it is a sad day when you consider Jews fighting against Jews. But it is also a sad day when you print the words of a rabbi supporting criminals. If Amona is illegal, the settlers there are criminals.
It should be made clear that any protesters of army age will be arrested and immediately inducted.
Underage teens should be required to do community service, and their parents fined. Yeshivas that allow their students to go to the protests should lose their funding from taxpayers.
It is time for the majority to say that enough taxpayer money has been wasted on these illegal settlers. This is a demand for justice for the taxpayer.
Rishon Lezion
After reading the caption “A rainbow appears over Amona yesterday. Might it portend something good?” for the front-page photo accompanying “A thousand flock to Amona to defend hilltop residents,” it is time to educate The Jerusalem Post newsroom and the public in general what the significance of a rainbow is.
God destroyed the world in the time of Noah via a flood. The sign He gave him afterwards, that He would never again flood the whole world, was a rainbow. So when a rainbow appears, it means God wanted to destroy the world, but because He is faithful to His word, He remembered the promise He gave to Noah and restrained Himself.
It is quite clear that the announcement to evacuate Amona and, now, the evacuation itself, have not found favor in God’s eyes. The rainbow certainly doesn’t portend something good.
Hamilton, Ontario
Unlike what was stated in “Gloria Mound, who researched expulsion of Jews from Spain, dies at 86” (February 1), Mound was 87. In addition, her principal area of focus was on those known as conversos or marranos (in Hebrew, anousim). Rather than being expelled in 1492, these Jews remained and were forcibly converted to Christianity. Many became “crypto-Jews,” keeping their continued adherence to Judaism secret. When they were hounded by the Inquisition, they often fled to faraway lands. Mound did pioneering work on their descendants in the Balearic Islands and elsewhere.