April 16: Two-state solution

The State of Israel has to accept the Arab Peace Treaty presented by the Saudi monarch, King Abdullah ben Abdul-Aziz.

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letters 88
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Two-state solution... Sir, - The State of Israel has to accept the Arab Peace Treaty presented by the Saudi monarch, King Abdullah ben Abdul-Aziz, and largely supported by the Arab regimes and Muslim countries, backed by more than a billion and a half people. There isn't any way except this to reach a permanent reconciliation with the Arab and Muslim nations before you lose all Israel, which I can see could happen at any time. I am not threatening the Israelis, but I am saying the truth! For a simple reason, because I don't have anything against the Jews as Jews, but I am really upset about what the Zionists are doing. A Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of the refugees is a matter that can be resolved amicably. A free Palestinian state is a must ("Abbas, Amr Moussa: Netanyahu gov't must accept two-state solution," April 2). KARAM AL-HASHMI Aden ... a real misnomer Sir, - In "Might Lieberman be the Arab world's best friend?" (April 13) Douglas Bloomfield fails to understand that nations have interests, and that those of the US may not always coincide with Israel's. In today's world, pro-Israel has come to mean support for a Palestinian state, and all who oppose it are classified as extremists. Never mind that a two-state goal where one side fails to genuinely accept the other's right to existence is a misnomer; that Jews too have rights; that historical international agreements are turned on their heads when opportunism reins supreme. It's called "the peace process." ALEX ROSE Ashkelon Security with dignity Sir, - I fully support Prime Minister Netanyahu's desire for security with dignity. Israel must never compromise its security as it has in the past - for example, leaving Gaza - giving up far too much without getting anything in return. PM Netanyahu's job will not be easy - which is why all of Israel needs to support him ("'I ask for your trust in this time of crisis,'" April 1). IGOR KONETZOV Surrey, B.C., Canada Wider picture Sir, - Sean Gannon's piece on the relationship between Irish Republicanism and the PLO was one-sided and over-simplified a complex history between the IRA, Jews and the State of Israel ("IRA-PLO cooperation: A long, cozy relationship," April 8). His over-emphasis on perceived anti-Semitism within the Republican movement surely needs to be contextualized and set against those in the movement who did support Jewish and Zionist causes. For instance, the IRA supplied arms to Zionist groups in the 1930s, largely through the work of the IRA's leading Jewish activist, Robert Briscoe, who later became Dublin's first Jewish lord mayor. My grandfather, Gerald Goldberg, later lord mayor of Cork, speaking on a RTÉ documentary, related an incident in which the student wing of the IRA made a stand against anti-Semitism during the 1930s, a time when fascist ideology was on the rise across Europe and had some support in Ireland. When, as a student at University College Cork, he rose to speak at the Debating Society, the auditor silenced him, as he was a "foreigner" and only "Irishmen" were permitted to speak. Tomás Mac Curtain, the son of the murdered Sinn Féin lord mayor of Cork, was appalled and convinced him to return another day. The hall was filled with Mac Curtain supporters from the student membership of the IRA. The auditor was silenced and my grandfather made his speech. This was a blow to rising anti-Semitism in the university. I look forward to reading Mr. Gannon's book in the hope that it will look at the wider picture. ALEX GOLDBERG Jewish Chaplain to Surrey University Surrey, UK Facing the brute Sir, - I'm an Indian, but I like Israel very much. Though it is a very small country, its achievements in science and technology are amazing. But I like Israel most for its ability to survive in the most hostile environment, surrounded by rogue nations that can't lead a peaceful life and don't let others enjoy peace. Indians have a lot to learn from Israel. They are natural allies, and I hope they would cooperate with each other in defeating Islamic terror. Personally, I want to know about the force that drives Israelis to withstand the onslaught from all sides. If ever I got an opportunity to visit a foreign country, I would choose Israel and gain firsthand experience of its people and culture. I strongly believe that yours is a nation with a bright future. You will always be admired and known for your courage and your ability to face the brute and survive. You survived the Holocaust, and you will be able to overwhelm evil forces like Iran and Pakistan. RAMACHANDRA REDDY VEMIREDDY Khammam, Andhrapradesh, India Ignorance is bliss Sir, - In "Don't cry for us, New York Jewry" (April 9) Gil Troy wrote that "It is not PC to acknowledge that we are dealing with a different culture and a murderous ideology." How sad that we live in an age in which ignorance is considered a virtue. DAVID KATCOFF Jericho, Vermont Ludicrous charge Sir, - Re "AJC deserves better leadership" (March 31): Contrary to Philippe Karsenty's suggestion that the AJC made no effort to resolve, and indeed blocked his efforts regarding the Al-Dura affair, in fact the AJC attempted on several occasions to convince France 2 that the Al-Dura tape was a fraud. In early 2005, I and two members of the AJC, including Valerie Hoffenberg, met with Arlette Chabot of France 2, who was responsible for the airing of the Al-Dura tape. We explicitly told her we believed the tape to be false. Ms. Chabot told us that since the IDF had not made an issue of the tape, France 2 had no reason to doubt its authenticity. We all congratulate Mr. Karsenty on his extraordinary victory in the French courts. He is absolutely correct that these false images of Israel are used as propaganda which leads to violence. It is untrue, however, to say the AJC was remiss in its actions. Indeed, his later assertion that the AJC and David Harris have given cover to Israel's enemies is ludicrous. One can disagree with the strategy and tactics any Jewish organization employs to achieve its objectives. They all, however, share a common goal, which is to support and promote the interests of Jews and Israel in a way that makes the dream of peace a reality. AJC scarcely needs to be defended against scurrilous charges. Its 100-year record speaks for itself. LARRY SHELLEY New York Won't come, won't say Sir, - As a member of the older generation, I'm writing about some unexpected behavior from a group of six "educated" Israelis in their mid-20s. They had been invited to our home for a social event including a light meal and drinks. The invitations were issued personally, a fortnight in advance, with a follow-up reminder. Much to our surprise, only two showed up. The others didn't give any indication, then or later, that they would not be coming, nor any apology. Friends of ours told about some 50 invitees who failed to inform them they would not be attending their daughter's wedding. Basic education starts at home. Is this kind of behavior the fault of Israeli parents? HERMAN BRAAF Udim