August 16: ‘Darchei noam’

Stone throwing, arson and fighting with the police will only serve to alienate the secular community against haredim.

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
‘Darchei noam’
Sir, – I was very happy to read “Senior haredi rabbi appoints panel to rule on Goloventzitz construction site” (August 14).
The article says that Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman and Rabbi Haim Kanievsky were approached by leaders of Atra Kadisha, who asked them to reconcile the group’s dispute over proposed construction on property that might contain the remains of Jews.
Apparently, these leaders realized that rioting and arson were not the proper way to vent their anger.
We now hope that the panel of three rabbis appointed by Rabbi Kanievsky will resolve the dispute, which has pitted a segment of the haredi population interested in securing affordable housing against another segment seeking to protect graves. We all pray that the panel will succeed.
Having realized that their aggressive activities would alienate members of their own group, the Atra Kadisha leaders have come to understand the biblical injunctions on darchei noam (harmonious ways and paths of peace). They should now carry the realization one step farther.
Stone throwing, arson and fighting with the police will only serve to alienate the secular community against haredim.
The haredi press is already proclaiming that secularists are waging war against the haredim by intruding upon haredi education programs, cutting their education budgets and drafting young haredi men into the army. Prolonged aggressive activity will only serve to intensify the secular community’s hatred for all haredim.
Jerusalem The writer is a rabbi
Sir, – I ask the following: Haredim, please help your brothers. Contribute to the community through service.
Secularists, please learn Torah, but not just in school – Torah knowledge leads to righteous action toward all Jews and will strengthen our nation.
May God take pity on us and help us unite without raising a hand against us.PERLA KIMBALL
Poway, California
Giving a little
Sir, – “Yesh Atid MKs visit camp for special needs youth” (August 14) by Sammy Hudes provided a wonderful glimpse of Shutaf’s inclusion programs in Jerusalem. But I’d like to correct the part that said the Jerusalem Municipality “has not been willing to provide any funding or services.”
The Jerusalem Municipality does provide funding for our programs – a small grant in 2011 and 2013, less than one percent of our annual expenditure on Shutaf’s year-round activities for children and teens with disabilities.
We believe that services for children and teens with disabilities in Jerusalem should receive far more strategic recognition in addition to governmental and municipal support, as they do in both the US and the UK.
JOHNNY SOLOMON Jerusalem The writer is director of communications for Shutaf
No apologies
Sir, – I make no apologies for liking Shmuley Boteach’s No Holds Barred columns. I find him a very interesting person who is immensely supportive of our country, even though lately there has been a flurry of letters in the Post attacking the rabbi on a number of unimportant issues.
I think it was brilliant on the part of Boteach to make his recent trip here in the company of Dr.
Mehmet Oz, since the doctor is a very popular TV personality in America.
The fact that Oz’s attachment to Israel was strengthened by the trip can only be a boon for us since he doubtless will convey his message of love for Israel to his huge audiences.
I deprecate all the negative letter-writers and other attacks, and want to thank Rabbi Boteach for supporting our country and taking practical measures to have Israel portrayed in a positive light, thus offsetting the effects of numerous attacks on Israel from a hostile world.