February 13: Avid interest

We believe the nation that does not support Israel has no future.

letters 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters 88
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Avid interest Sir, - Re "US press pays scant attention to election" (February 11): The US media does not speak for a huge multitude of US citizens who have been vitally interested, following events by reading the online Jerusalem Post and praying for Israel and Mr. Netanyahu. Our family has visited Israel and continues to send monthly financial support. We believe the nation that does not support Israel has no future. BOB & BARBARA STONECYPHER Columbus, Ohio Slimmer & saner Sir, - The consensus in favor of a unity government raises the specter of a large, unwieldy and unnecessarily expensive cabinet ("Consensus developing on Likud-led unity government with Kadima," February 12). May we suggest, at this time of international financial crises, that a cut in government spending would show a saner approach and be much appreciated by the electorate. This could be achieved by limiting cabinet seats to one for every four MKs of the coalition parties. It might deprive some very capable parliamentarians of a cabinet seat, but the savings would make it worthwhile. MONTY M. ZION YOEL TAMARI Tel Mond Failed promise Sir, - Thanks for Amotz Asa-El's insightful analysis of the failure of Ehud Olmert as premier ("Where did he fail?" February 6). His observation about Olmert being the first leader who was neither a founding father, underground icon, retired general nor former commando, and the opportunities where he could have achieved, but failed, is indeed an irony. "Olmert... could have fared better, impacted deeper and lasted longer" reminded me of the occasional junk e-mail I get offering solutions for problems I do not have, via a product of dubious efficacy. Perhaps Olmert missed his true calling: as a seller of the best snake oil money can buy. Perhaps the true irony is that he exploited all Israelis with his dubious financial dealings even before he was elected, and then screwed them afterwards. JONATHAN FELDSTEIN Efrat Sir, - I was very upset to learn that the Middle Israel column will now only appear monthly. I have always looked forward to Amotz Asa-El's columns. I often agree with him, but even when I don't, his contribution is not to be missed. He has a way of analyzing the situation in a clear and concise fashion, and a wonderful way of expressing his views. His writing is excellent, informative and enlightening - even if one does not share his opinions. NACHAMA KANNER Rehovot David Harris is the head of the American Jewish Committee, and not as stated in "American Jewish groups want progress, no matter who leads the government" (February 12).