January 16: Dogs and fleas

If rockets were being fired daily into America or any of the European nations, the world would applaud a decision to act militarily.

letters 88 (photo credit: Courtesy)
letters 88
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Dogs and fleas Sir, - Rabbi Forman's "Collective responsibility" (UpFront, January 2) was one of the most accurate and honest assessments of the rationale behind Operation Cast Lead I have read to date. I too have been angered and frustrated by the lack of public attention and outrage over the incessant launching of rockets into Israel by Hamas. I am incredulous that each and every rocket fired into Israel is not covered by the worldwide media. If rockets were being fired daily into America or any of the European nations, the world would applaud a decision to act militarily. I believe that the Palestinians set all this in motion when they elected Hamas. It is Hamas that is responsible for the poverty and oppression of the Palestinians; Hamas that bears the guilt of innocent bloodshed. One cannot engage in acts of murder and terrorism without suffering grave consequences. The citizens gave Hamas its political power - now Hamas is hiding behind those citizens. Using schools, mosques, hospitals and residential neighborhoods as launching pads is the trademark of Hizbullah. Why did the Palestinians expect anything different from Hamas? If you lie down with dogs, you will get fleas. Israel must continue its military attacks until Hamas is wiped out. SHEILA WARNER Vineland, New Jersey PR is all Sir, - I've just watched the IDF video A Place of Worship? Why don't we see this "evidence" of Hamas using places of worship and innocent Palestinians as human shields on FoxNews, CNN or the BBC? I pray you win the war on Hamas, but you are losing the PR war on the world stage! ANGELA DEJONG Ontario Israel at 120 Sir, - Last year, on the 60th anniversary of Israel, over 100,000 Jewish people sang "Hatikva" in real time. After the broadcast thousands of people contacted me on my website saying how emotional singing our anthem had been for them, especially the words "nefesh yehudi homiya" (the Jewish heart beats true). How ironic, then, that here in Israel cracks are appearing in our sense of the justification of a Jewish state. The United Nations decided on November 29, 1947 to declare a Jewish state and an Arab state, and that the minority would have to respect the ruling majority. Ever since then we have had to fight for our right to exist, and to apologize for preserving the Jewish state. The majority of the Arabs who live in Israel feel connected to the country. Given the option to leave, I believe they would opt to stay. We have just turned 60. Maybe all the discussion about Israel being "a state of all its citizens" and all of us being "just" Israeli and canceling the Law of Return should be postponed to when Israel is 120 - a full lifespan, according to our tradition. Let Israel, for the next 60 years, stay a Jewish democracy, with an open society that treats its minorities in a moral manner. GALIA ALBIN Tel Aviv