June 22: ‘Delusion’ a key word

Prime Minister Netanyahu's zigzag policies invariably end up: If you can’t defeat them, just give in.

‘Delusion’ a key word
Sir, – Regarding the security cabinet’s decision to ease restrictions on civilian goods allowed into the Gaza Strip (“‘Yes to coriander, no to Kassams,’” June 21): How deluded can one get? The same delusionary hopes were the reason given for forcibly expelling 10,000 Jews from their legitimate homes in Gush Katif – for which we are paying to this day and will continue to pay until the delusions end and reality begins.
Unfortunately, this cannot happen while Prime Minister Netanyahu continues with his zigzag policies, which invariably end up in the only way he seems to know: If you can’t defeat them (which, of course, he has not even tried), just give in.
Sir, – How sorry I feel for the Schalit family, for Gilad and the nation itself.
Again and again, we see this government give away bargaining chips like some mad gambler in a “never-win” casino. How delighted our enemies must be! Prime Minister Netanyahu is as predictable as night follows day (a sure reason that I did not vote for him); in trying to be all things to all parties, he has become a prisoner to the delusional “give away” political elements who apply only the “doctrine of appeasement.”
Our enemies are winning well, and we in Israel are losing even better.
IAN KEMP Nahariya
Heroes, not solutions
Sir, – I abhor any form of segregation in a democratic society.
Having said that – and in spite of my respect for the Supreme Court for upholding the rule of law – I feel its decision to imprison the parents from the Emmanuel school was foolish and succeeded only in portraying the parents as heroes to their community (“Supreme Court to reconsider imprisonment of Emmanuel mothers,” June 20).
A far-more sensible approach would have been, first, to withdraw state-supported financing, and, second, to close the school until an agreement was reached. If, as some of the parents have claimed, segregation was not the issue but rather a choice, then fine; let them do so at their own expense, without state funding.
Sir, – The Emmanuel issue is only a small part of a major problem in the education system nationwide. The Ministry of Education should enforce a curriculum for all children in all schools, even in the so-called private sector, since it, too, receives some government funding.
The core curricula – including Zionism and basic religion – is a must for all schools for the future of the country.
Friends like these
Sir, – I am writing in response to the letter from our “friend” in America who has loved Israel all her life, visited Dachau and read The Diary of Anne Frank (“One less friend,” June 18).
She and her many like-minded “friends” ought to come to Israel and see for themselves the graves not just of the fallen, heroic soldiers who have lost their lives fighting for this land, but of the countless “plain” civilians who have been killed just for being what they are: Jewish and living here. Period.
What media sources does the writer use to quote the “unimaginable” living conditions of those we starve, humiliate and murder, especially innocent women and children? Has she read one word about the unimaginable conditions in the form of rockets raining down on our cities, which of course include innocent women, children and men? We don’t do anything at the expense of any other nation, and that is a proven and non-negotiable fact. We do what we do to survive.
Withdrawing financial support from the US to the only democracy in the Middle East would well serve those who want to annihilate us. With “friends” like her, who needs enemies?
Sir, – While I (sort of) understand the philosophy behind giving this obviously naive and misguided individual a forum, it would be a mistake to let her letter stand without a well thought-out reaction.
(I’m sure there will be many).
I would like to say to her: “Ms. Sullivan, you have made some very serious accusations without offering a shred of evidence or giving the accused any chance to defend themselves. How would you feel if you were the subject of such accusations with no proof or chance of rebuttal?” Oh well, at least she had the guts to write a letter to The Jerusalem Post. She deserves a charter membership in the Helen Thomas fan club.
‘Awaycations’ win
Sir, – Pardon my skepticism, but why is the government using taxpayers’ money to launch a massive, million-shekel campaign promoting local holidays (“Tourism Ministry launches campaign to promote ‘staycations,’” June 17) while disregarding the exorbitantly high rates charged by hotels throughout Israel? Unless this problem is addressed and overcome, Israeli citizens will continue to enjoy their vacations abroad and, sadly, deprive their country of essential revenue and employment opportunities.
Sir, – Under the headline “Fatah: No need to end violence” (June 17), reporter Khaled Abu Toameh wrote a report based on an interview I gave to a Jordanian newspaper.
The headline was false and the article gravely altered reality.
In the interview, I never stated that there was “no need to end violence.” On the contrary, I said that regarding Hamas, there is a need to end violence and to move forward based on the Arab peace initiative, which the article actually states at the end of the report, in contradiction to the glaring headline.
What Fatah has requested from Hamas is that any participation in a unity government be regulated by previous agreements signed by the PLO. However, we believe that any other conditions to be imposed now on Hamas are not necessary.
One must consider the racist charters of some of the Israeli political parties within the current Israeli government, as well as the precedent created by the US administration, with the conditions required of Hizbullah for joining the Lebanese government before making more requirements of Hamas and thus creating additional obstacles to Palestinian unity.
Fatah has been coherent with its non-violent agenda based on the conclusions of the Fatah Sixth Conference in Bethlehem. We believe there is a right to struggle until our rights are respected, but we have a broad consensus that this right must be channeled through non-violent means.
Once again, we call on Israel to end the biggest expression of violence, which is the illegal occupation and colonization of the occupied Palestinian territory, particularly in occupied east Jerusalem, and to completely lift the siege on the Gaza Strip.

Head of the Foreign Relations Commission of Fatah
The Jerusalem Post notes: Dr. Shaath, in his Ad-Dustour interview, said the PA had never demanded that Hamas accept the conditions of the Quartet as a condition for the establishment of a Palestinian unity government.
These conditions include renouncing violence against Israel.
In the June 21 article “New policy group aims to shake up diplomatic strategy,” the organization headed by Prof. Gerald Steinberg was referred to as “NGO Watch.” The correct title is “NGO Monitor.”