June 27: Shameless indeed

The UNHRC has become an insult to humanity. Its silence against the continuing offenses committed in the name of militant Islam around the world is deafening.

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Handout )
Shameless indeed
Sir, – The UN’s Human Rights Council has voted to launch an inquiry via an international committee into so-called human rights abuses by Israel in Gaza (“Israel denounces UNHRC as ‘kangaroo court,’” July 24).
Nearly half of the council’s members fail to meet the minimal standards of a free democracy.
Those that voted for the resolution included such staunch defenders of human rights as Algeria, Cuba, Kuwait, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.
However, it was really sickening to see that Britain, Germany and France abstained. All had said Israel has the right to defend itself against the salvos of rockets being fired indiscriminately at civilians, but their craven action in Geneva shows they are really saying that on no account can Israel exercise that right.
How shameless can you get?
Beit Shemesh
Sir, – The UNHRC has once again been exposed for its hypocrisy. The time has come for those who have influence to campaign for it to be shut down and replaced with an organization that can really promote human rights.
The council has become an insult to humanity. Its silence against the continuing offenses committed in the name of militant Islam around the world is deafening.
Beit Shemesh
Sir, – The UN high commissioner might consider war crimes against Israel. That’s rich considering that rockets were found in UN schools and then returned to Hamas. Perhaps the IDF should be targeting the UN as well as Hamas.
Sir, – If China is still voting against Israel in the UNHRC, why is Israel still defending the Bank of China against its just desserts (“Israel wins US court battle to block former government agent’s ‘smoking gun’ testimony,” July 23)? Surely, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has learned it is time to stop being nice to the bad boys.
Stop or go on?
Sir, – With regard to “Security cabinet mulls both truce efforts and expansion of Gaza military operation” (July 24), US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon have been here seeking a cease-fire, ostensibly to spare civilians on both sides. However, everyone knows that Hamas cares little about its Gazan subjects and needs a ceasefire to continue providing them only with minimal services while diverting resources for building more rockets, tunnels, etc. (It is the etc. that has me most worried – next time around the war will be even worse for both them and us.) So, Messrs. Kerry and Ban, don’t do us any favors. Let’s plan to rebuild Gaza, just not with Hamas or Islamic Jihad.
Sir, – I heard that 150 Hamas terrorists had surrendered to IDF forces, with 70 taken for interrogation and the rest released. This was a serious mistake.
Sooner or later this action will end and Hamas will be making another batch of ludicrous demands. Every prisoner we take and every dead terrorist whose body we collect is a valuable bargaining chip. Being nice guys is for after the cease-fire.
Thanks, Hamas!
Sir, – A single event has demolished all the disingenuous assertions by our friends that Israel must take risks for peace by making territorial concessions to the Palestinians.
The rocket attack from Gaza on a town close to our major international airport some 60 kilometers away led virtually all of these friends to shut down their air service to Israel for two days, effecting a near complete boycott on air travel (“FAA extends Israel travel ban for 24 more hours,” July 24).
To solve all the Middle East’s problems, these friends insist that we turn over to our life-supported “partners for peace” territory that is not more than 8 km. from the same airport. These are the same peace partners who effectively handed over Gaza to Hamas, who depend on Israel’s military to keep their territory calm, and whose leader, fearing a coup, just the other day sent his entire family abroad (“‘Abbas’s family leaves Ramallah for Jordan,’” July 23).
While we could never persuade our friends of the reality of this nightmare scenario, Hamas has done the work for us and hopefully has put paid to this insane notion.
Sir, – The decision by American aviation authorities to suspend flights to Ben-Gurion Airport was regrettable. It would not be wholly surprising to find that the State Department encouraged the move to teach Israel a “lesson.”
Either way, we have learned a very important lesson. It concerns any future agreement to hand over more control in Judea and Samaria to the Palestinian Authority. What we are seeing now is an example of how Israel’s major airport could so easily be under missile threat that many airlines will find excuses to halt their traffic.
This move has taught us that we cannot afford transferring any territory near the airport to the PA.
Even an occasional missile or shooting will spell disaster.
Thank you Hamas!
Hardly equivalent
Sir, – In “Arabs on roofs, Jews on hills” (Comment & Features, July 24), Abed L. Azab claims both sides are terrorists. But a simple thought experiment should remind us how to determine the true nature of each side.
Imagine a machine with a button that makes one of your enemies disappear forever, with no collateral damage. You can push the button as often as you wish.
Give such a machine to Israel and another to Hamas. Question: How many civilians in Gaza would die? Answer: None. Question: How many civilians in Israel would die? Answer: Too horrible to contemplate.
If you equate the two sides you not only unfairly besmirch Israel, you grant legitimacy to an exterminationist terror organization.
Beit Shemesh
Who’da thought?
Sir, – Who said miracles don’t happen? The EU issued a statement condemning the indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas (“Jerusalem hails EU statement strongly denouncing Hamas,” July 23). A miracle!
Media patrons
Sir, – Regarding “Erdan: Blacklist Al Jazeera from airwaves” (July 23), by enthusiastically broadcasting Arabs lies and propaganda Al Jazeera, as well as the BBC, CNN, NBC and other media outlets, have aided and abetted Hamas in its ghoulish pursuit of genocide against the people of Israel. It is precisely their inaccurate and heavily biased media support that has engendered the Hamas strategy of hiding behind human shields – women, children, the aged, hospitals and, of course, UNRWA schools.
Hamas and its enthusiastic media patrons are guilty of an unparalleled war crime.
Tel Aviv Macho, macho man
Sir, – With regard to “Foreign minister calls for boycott of Israeli Arab businesses that strike for Gaza” (July 22), Avigdor Liberman has once again proven that he is totally unfit for the job.
Among Liberman’s duties is combating the international BDS movement, which calls for boycotting Israel in various forms, yet he calls for another type of boycott. He is treading on dangerous ground that can be used against us in the future.
On the same page you report that the foreign minister favors closing a media outlet and assassinating Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal (“Liberman threatens to close down Al Jazeera”). If this is representative of Israeli diplomacy, we are not being served by his outrageous remarks.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should find a less damaging job for Liberman, whose comments are intended only to show voters his macho style.