May 2: Happy sailing

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Happy sailing
Sir, – Three cheers for the “Plane sailing” photograph on the front page of the May 1 Jerusalem Post, preparing for the celebration of our 66th Independence Day. It puts you in the mood when you look up to the heavens; it makes you feel proud of Israel and the IDF.
Let us hope it will be a good, memorable and peaceful year. And let’s not forget: We have to balance out the bad news with the good sometimes!
HILARY GATOFF Herzliya Pituah
Best gift
Sir, – I’m surprised about Economy Minister Naftali Bennett’s comment (“Economy minister says Intel’s investment of $6 billion is ‘best gift for Independence Day,’” May 1).
While no one can argue with the need for a strong economy, I can think of lots of other gifts for our beloved country. How about real independence, as defined in any dictionary as the ability to make decisions that are in our best interest and not being governed by what’s politically acceptable? How about world leaders looking in the mirror after reviewing their history books and stating, with clear objectivity, that Israel has done all it can to negotiate peace with its neighbors? Israel has much to be proud of on its 66th anniversary, most especially its desire to serve as “a light unto the Nations” that represents the foundation of its existence. Happy birthday!
Jerusalem Shame for Fureidis
Sir, – On Tuesday, a despicable “price tag” attack was committed against the Arab town of Fureidis (“Mosque vandalism found in Fureidis sparks protest, general strike by residents,” April 30). The clear message of this attack is that peaceful Israeli-Arabs are not wanted in Israel.
Fureidis dates back at least to 1859 and is only a few meters from Zichron Ya’acov, well within the 1948 Green Line. Our towns have lived in peace for decades. In fact, Fureidis’s Ibtisam Mahammed received the Dalai Lama’s “Unsung Heroes of Compassion” prize for promoting peace between Arabs and Jews.
To the cowardly price-tag terrorists, I say enough! You embarrass and endanger all Israelis who wish to live in peace with their neighbors.
Your actions cannot be justified.
I reject and condemn you unreservedly. If you refuse to meet the ethical and legal standards of our society then you – not my Fureidis neighbors – should leave this country.
If these people are the wave of the future, I cry for what we are becoming.
EFRAIM A. COHEN Zichron Ya’acov
Sir, – I wonder if the morons who defaced the mosque in Fureidis know that, unlike other villages in the region, this one did not participate in attacks against Jewish traffic during the War of Independence.
In fact, its economic and social ties to the local Jewish communities date back to the founding of Zichron Ya’acov. It is the only Arab village in the area that did not depopulate after the war.
Shame on the price-taggers!
Worthy of office
Sir, – Having just watched former chief rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau speak at a March of the Living program just a few days after I finished reading his wonderful book Out of the Depths, it is so clear to me that he is the embodiment of what the president of Israel should be like. His honesty, his appropriate and judicious political acumen, his love of all Jews, his passionate love of Israel, his sincerity and on and on are all characteristics so essential and important for the position.
I would be so proud to be able to refer to the rabbi as President Lau – a true light to the people of Israel and a true light unto the nations.