November 24: Be Prepared

There is a strong school of thought that American economic sanctions on Japan are what drove the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

Be prepared
Sir, – The Post reports that some Western governments are increasing their pressure on Tehran (“US, UK and Canada announce financial sanctions on Iran,” November 22). However, there is a strong school of thought that American economic sanctions on Japan are what drove the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.
Economic sanctions are another form of warfare. These countries (and we) should be vigilant and prepared.
Hardly likely Sir, – MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer concludes his remarks on Egypt (“Ben-Eliezer: Confrontation with Egypt is looming,” November 22) by saying that returning to peace talks with the Palestinians could help stabilize Israeli-Egyptian relations. With Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and other Arab countries sliding into the Islamist camp, this hardly seems likely.
The time for our compromises has passed, as our only “gain” has been more demands on us and a barrage of Kassams exploding in our border towns.
The time has come for the Palestinians to offer their first compromise; to date, they have been getting a free ride.
One just has to watch how Arabs treat each other to realize what we have to do to instill the deterrence we once had.
Tell the truth Sir, – Regarding “The new libel bill” (Editorial, November 22), the Oxford dictionary’s definition of libel is “false or defamatory misrepresentation or statement.”
Once upon a time journalists were careful to tell the truth.
Nowadays, they seem to go to extremes in presenting perceptions as news to try and get bigger headlines.
If what is published is the truth, what have journalists to fear? How can the presentation of truth be anti-democratic – unless they want to get away with defaming those they dislike.
Sir, – The writer of your November 22 editorial is either insincere or just plain naive.
The Israeli media is notoriously left-wing and, worse, notoriously dishonest in its reporting. Leftwing politicians are almost never identified as such and are largely immune from serious investigation.
Right-wing politicians – always identified as such – are fair game together with religious leaders and settlers.
This bill allows victims of the left-wing media to defend themselves and financially recover some of their reputation.
If the Israeli media would police itself and adhere to professional standards, this legislation would not be necessary.
Kiryat Arba
Historic leadership Sir, – Gershon Baskin (“Leadership that makes history,” Encountering Peace, November 22) wants Prime Minister Netanyahu to be a “historic leader” and lead us out of our morass with the Palestinian Authority by making all kinds of dangerous concessions.
Been there, done that with prime ministers Barak and Olmert – who didn’t even receive a counter-offer from Yasser Arafat or Mahmoud Abbas.
One has to wonder what it is that Baskin wants. Does he want to divide Jerusalem? Been there, done that as well! Should Israel flood the country with Palestinians and emasculate itself from within? Instead of making the same old leftist demands, maybe he should ask Abbas and his minions to become “historic” leaders and end the conflict. Or could it be that they prefer not to end the conflict?
Petah Tikva
Beduin refugees
Sir, – Jessica Montell is an example of why transparency is important for NGOs funded by foreign governments (“Just who does Area C belong to?,” Comment & Features, November 22).
She writes: “Eighty percent of the Palestinians living in the Ma’aleh Adumim area are refugees from the Negev.” Could she please explain how one can be a refugee from the Negev? Does she believe the Negev belongs to the Palestinians? For my work in the 1970s and ’80s I frequently travelled down to Jericho, and every time noticed new Beduin encampments.
Gradually they put up generators. Then they had tractors and private vehicles parked by their homes. One of my colleagues remarked: “Unless the government does something now, these Beduin will claim to have been here for generations.”
It seems Montell and B’Tselem are trying to make that claim for them.
‘Post’ moving left?
Sir, – I was shocked to see the whole of Page 15 of November 22 given over to peaceniks. I might as well have been reading Haaretz, that bastion of anti-Israel Israelis.
The Jerusalem Post is moving ever more toward supporting the anti-Zionist line.
Tel Aviv
The real news...
Sir, – The Jerusalem Post ran an article on singer Taylor Swift being named “artist of the year” for the second time (“Swift dominates American Music Awards,” November 22). This trivia obtained a major headline, and it’s possible that it justly should.
But two days before, US Rep.
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and radio host Glenn Beck were honored by the Zionist Organization of America for their strong and long-term commitment to the State of Israel. Ros-Lehtinen has spearheaded pro-Israel legislation, and when the Jewish state was, as usual, being delegitimized, Beck, at personal risk, announced “I stand with Israel.”
Amazingly, this event did not get a single headline.
Zichron Ya’acov
...and hatred
Sir, – Anne Bayefsky’s compelling report on the shameful anti-Israel and anti-Semitic agenda of the latest incarnation of the UN-sponsored Durban travesty (“Durban-like anti- Israelism is alive and well at the United Nations,” Comment & Features, November 21) underscores a disturbing contemporary phenomenon: the proclivity of many who harbor ill-will toward Jews to cloak their animosity in assaults on Israel.
Demonization of the country as a practitioner of apartheid, historical distortions and calls for boycotts and divestment are often manifestations of impulses to use Israel as a whipping boy for traditional antipathy to Jews.
“We have nothing against Jews,” apologists for such warped viewpoints will avow, “it’s only how they behave.”
I dedicate to them the Ode of the Modern Jew Hater: We’re glad there is a Jewish state On which to vent the ancient hate A place that justifies the ruse: We like the Jew but not the Jews.
Sir, – Accompanying “Durbinlike anti-Israelism is alive and well at the UN” is a photo showing demonstrators with a sign that reads” “O Palestine, because you resist, that’s why you exist.” Isn’t it a shame that this is the only raison d’etre for the Palestinians? May they wake up soon and realize that it takes a lot more to build a state than blind hatred.
Petah Tikva
The shrinking pot
Sir, – In light of “Generous minimum wage a myth in Greece’s labor wasteland” (Business & Finance, November 17), we often hear the question: What’s a Greek urn? The answer is, a lot less than when this joke was first coined.