November 30: The end of Hindustan...

The ongoing events in Mumbai are a wake up call for all of us, otherwise we will be eliminated, like the Hindus of Pakistan and of Kashmir.

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letters 88
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The end of Hindustan... Sir, - History testifies to the fact that Muslims have always thrived on violence and treachery, and never believed in any nationalities, this does not imply that all Muslims are traitors of the countries in which they reside, but simply that their only aim is to turn a Hindu majority country like India into a Muslim nation, by whatever means possible ("78 Killed in Mumbai terror attacks," November 27). It is worth noting that Muslims used the slogan at the time of the country's partition, "hans ke liya hai Pakistan, lad ke lenge Hindustan (We got Pakistan by laughing, by fighting we will capture India). Thus we see now that they are strongly moving in that direction. There is a covert conspiracy by the Muslims to treacherously trap and entice Hindu girls into Islam, and produce as many children as possible from a maximum of four wives (as Indian law very gratefully permits). The ongoing events in Mumbai are a wake up call for all of us, otherwise we will be eliminated, like the Hindus of Pakistan and of Kashmir. KARTIKAY PANDEY Lucknow, India ...and of Israel Sir, - Itamar Rabinovitch's article "How not to negotiate with Syria" (Opinion, November 26) is revealing in its ignorance of the Islamic religion, American interests and Israel's rights. This former Israeli diplomat is willing to sign a peace agreement with Syria knowing that: (1) Muslim law does not respect agreements with "infidels" such as the Jews. (2) Signing a "peace" agreement will allow the US to reward Syria with state of the art weapons, as was Egypt. (3) Syrian schools and mass media feed the population a daily dose of anti-Zionism just as Egypt does today despite a "peace" agreement with Israel. (4) The Golan Heights will not satisfy Syria's appetite. It was in Syrian hands in 1967 and they still attacked Israel. The fact is that the Arabs view Israel in its entirety as captured Arab territory. Giving up pieces of it simply reinforces the world's perception that we are contritely returning stolen Arab land. It is time we cease all negotiations and ensure peace by being ready for war. Even Iran's verbal threats and Hamas's violation of our territory warrant a severe response. Otherwise Israel will be history. CHAYIM SEIDEN Jerusalem Good for the field Sir, - Instead of building a new military medical school which we cannot afford, I propose that a required class in military field medicine be added to the curriculum of every medical school in Israel ("Healthy soldiers are better soldiers," November 22 ). Then, the Israeli Board of Medical Specialties could create a new residency in "Military Field Medicine." This would place Israel at the forefront in this field worldwide, which would also bring scholars and doctors from every country to study here. Having this specialty at a graduate level would eliminate any questions about sub-standard training as well as lowered admission requirements in an IDF-specific school. Perhaps the residency itself could count toward service in the IDF. SUCCAH SCHIFFMAN Efrat Missed the ladder Sir, - It is a pity that the journalist who toured historic Bath, England missed out on the Bath Abbey Cathedral ("To the manor born," November 23). On our visit to Bath we were told to go there by a couple we met at the Pump Room. Upon hearing that we were from Israel they told us there was a sculpture rendition of Jacob's Ladder at the Cathedral. On each side of the structure's massive entrance are the angels ascending and descending respectively - a truly impressive sight. DONYA MEIJER Jerusalem Real mending Sir, - I would like to add a few comments on what is generally ignored by writers regarding Jewish/Black relations in America as it relates to notable "national black political figures" ("Let the races begin... mending rifts," November 14). As much as national Jewish figures in the US such as Abraham Foxman (and AJC leaders) and their constituencies of influence attempt to isolate and dismiss national black religious leaders such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and their constituencies, they too will feel isolated and dismissed - continuing a cycle of division between the two groups. At some point, if the rifts are to be truly mended, Jewish American figures representing national Jewish organizations and their black American counterparts must dialogue forthrightly regarding their differences. Thankfully, the real and perceived rifts between Jewish/Black adversaries in America are not based on spilled blood, as is the case with Jews and Arabs in the Middle East. This presents a heretofore missed opportunity to bridge divisions that are not nearly as bad as they could be. For Abraham Foxman and Louis Farrakhan to be at perpetual war for a quarter of a century without once sitting down to attempt to resolve their differences is down-right unconscionable and inexcusable. J. RANARD Marietta, Georgia