November 9: Readers weigh in on US election

Barack Obama wins, Mitt Romney and Jonathan Pollard lose.

Letters 370 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Letters 370
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Sir, – I am profoundly relieved that the United States and its way of life have been spared total destruction at the hands of a diabolical, rich, white, Mormon businessman. I wish I could say the same for the State of Israel.
As one neighboring country after another succumbs to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida, and Iran forges ahead in the pursuit of nuclear weapons with which to destroy us, newly reelected President Barack Obama will have no electoral constraints compelling him to support our beleaguered country.
All I can say to the American Jewish Democrats and independents who made this possible is good going.
Any lingering questions of dual loyalty have been put to rest. I only hope that we will still be here to receive our kindred as they flee the wrath of resurgent Islam and anti-Semitism around the world.
Sir, – Barack Obama wins, Mitt Romney and Jonathan Pollard lose.
Zichron Ya’acov
Sir, – What happened to the America I recall from my youth, the America that espoused the highest ideals of freedom and democracy and was the hope and inspiration of the world? The answer is apparent if one scrutinizes the cheerful throngs who voted for Obama.
The US is no longer composed of hard-working immigrants who appreciate American ideals, readily assimilate into society and understand the obligations and benefits of democracy.
The majority of today’s America is made up of illegal immigrants and minorities who know nothing of the Protestant work ethic.
These people came to the US for the freebies, not to contribute.
Many of them voted for incumbent, hoping to continue to receive government handouts. One can only imagine the further deterioration of the US after four more years of Obama.
What is the lesson for Israel and the Jewish people? Hopefully, this turn of events will inspire many American Jews to make aliya. For all its challenges, there is no place like home.
Sir, – With regard to “Obama, Islam and Israel” (Into the Fray, November 2), isn’t it time for columnists like Martin Sherman to stop insulting the intelligence of American Jews who voted for Barack Obama? No matter how many factual items appear showing how much Obama supports Israel in weapons, security alliances and diplomacy, irresponsible Post writers like Sherman rant that Obama hates Israel or is a socialist or an Islamist who wants Shari’a law.
Why all the hatred and nonsense? Israel should not feel badly today, but encouraged and heartened.
Thank goodness 70 percent of American Jews didn’t buy a word of Sherman’s rude arrogance.
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Sir, – Let me begin by voicing my previously unwavering support of Israel and its people. Now, however, this support has been drawn into question due to your prime minister’s betrayal of my fellow Americans.
What I am referring to is Binyamin Netanyahu’s clear support of Mitt Romney in what I and my friends can only perceive as an attempt to either stabilize his own political position or ensure that my fellow citizens support, pay and die for his apparent dream to cement himself in history as the man who started World War III by attacking Iran.
Netanyahu made a political play that went against the majority of American wishes, desires, hopes and dreams. In short, he went against America. This reminds me of the old saying: With friends like this, who needs enemies? We will not forget anytime soon.


Wichita, Kansas