November 20, 2015: Why only now?

Readers respond to the latest Jerusalem Post articles.

Envelope (photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
(photo credit: ING IMAGE/ASAP)
Why only now?
In “Cabinet outlaws northern branch of Islamic Movement” (November 18), you quote Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as saying: “Democracies have a responsibility to defend themselves and are obligated to protect themselves from those who seek to undermine them.”
What a revelation! The northern branch has been inciting for years. Why was nothing done before now? We know from past experience how Netanyahu shies away from disrupting the Arab citizens to the extent that Jewish lives are often put at risk. There is apparently an unacceptable inconvenience to Arab life when there is a need to protect Israelis due to Arab terrorism.
Nothing new there.
On the subject of responsibility, how about getting rid of the Arab MKs who incite against the state, always siding with our enemies? This is something else that has been on going for years, without anything being done.
I have become very confused over who really has control of the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest site. The sounds of the shofar and the declaration “Har Habayit b’yadenu” (The Temple Mount is in our hands) by paratroop commander Motta Gur during the Six Day War brought about a culmination of the birth of the modern Jewish state. Yet it seems that the Jordanians are really in control there.
After months of lies and vicious incitement by the Arabs that Israel is changing the status quo, Israel, the US and Jordan came up with a brilliant idea. Imagine: security cameras on the most volatile piece of land in the world! The only question is: What took you so long? Alas, we are told that the Palestinians don’t feel that this is a good idea. Of course not. Do they want to be filmed stocking ammunition in such a holy place as the Aksa Mosque? Do they want surveillance of the paid taunting and harassing of Jews visiting their holiest site, and of not allowing Jews to move about freely? Not a pleasant video.
Jordan, of course, will discuss all the terms in order to receive approval from the Palestinians. US Secretary of State John Kerry will have to fly in and close the deal.
And Israel will be asked to make some kind of goodwill gesture to appease the terrorists once again. So much for Har Habayit b’yadenu.
Aid and comfort
Your articles “‘Bataclan theater may have been targeted for its Jewish ties’” and “ISIS made ‘al-Qaida- type’ mistake by attacking West,” which appeared next to each other on Page 2 of your November 17 issue, surely gave aid and comfort to our enemies! The first reports that a “lot of people... say the real cause [of the slaughter at the theater] could have been that the band performed in Tel Aviv....” How comforting to ISIS that The Jerusalem Post helped it further its campaign of fostering hatred of Jews and Israel by the French and other Europeans.
The second article says: “If Islamic State had simply stuck to its Middle East battles, it likely could have avoided a major Western military escalation.” Wonderful! So ISIS should plan more attacks, but only against Israel and some other countries in the Middle East!
Dress code
In “Religious fanatics” (Comment & Features, November 17), Avram Mlotek states that it is “highly inappropriate for men to be present when a woman is naked, especially while at the mikva.”
I have always understood that a woman undergoing a conversion wears a loose garment that, on the one hand, permits the water to reach all parts of her body, and, on the other, protects her modesty.