November 21, 2014: Expel ‘shahids’

Readers respond to the latest "Jerusalem Post" articles.

Letters (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Expel ‘shahids’
Sir, – I do not think that demolishing the homes of the terrorists will accomplish very much. It is necessary, but that alone will cause more hatred by the families.
My opinion is that any family that glorifies the terrorists’ murdering and slaughtering of Jews, and declares pride for their relatives being shahids should definitely have their homes demolished and be duly deported.
Where to deport them? That’s simple: To the first countries that decry this action and claim it is not humanistic. Let them be the humanists and accept these terrorists to their lands.
Second, I think it is the duty of the minister of education to confiscate any and all school books that glorify terrorism, encourage terrorism or just depict the Arabs as poor victims of Israeli aggression. It will take a long time but at least the children and youth will not be inculcated with hatred toward Israel in their official education.
Maybe a few less shahids will graduate from their school system.
Western preference
Sir, – Those of us who are octogenarians or close thereto will no doubt go to our graves with the site of daily carnage in Israel at the hands of our perpetual enemies.
They have now found a way to destroy us, albeit very slowly, without the need for an inquisition or holocaust.
One Jewish leader, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, understood what this was all about.
During 1938, Jabotinsky sought to reestablish the Zionist claim to the east bank of the Jordan, expressing himself as follows: “An end must be put to the widely accepted but definitely mistaken view.
Many believe that in the eyes of the Arabs, Transjordan is more hallowed than western Palestine.... That is a lie. The holy places of Islam are found only in western Palestine, in Jerusalem and Hebron.... If an Arab nationalist would have to chose one of the two sides of the Jordan on the assumption that one of them had to come into Jewish hands, there is no doubt that he would give up Transjordan.”
Take action
Sir, – I concur with Michael Freund (“A Palestinian pogrom in Jerusalem,” Fundamentally Freund, November 19) Israel has to be assertive and stop bowing down to the rest of the world. Either we take our whole country in our hands or it will be consumed by our neighbors little by little until we have nothing left.
Appeasement and begging forgiveness have never worked, and our neighbors are only interested in getting rid of us, so what are we waiting for? For Europe to approve of us, or US President Barack Obama maybe? We need to grow up and take the reins in our own hands!
Sir, – Freund’s article was the best summary of the horrible terrorist attacks we are experiencing here in Jerusalem.
I agree they must start by getting rid of PA President Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO and declare sovereignty over Judea and Samaria. Our leaders must take care of its citizens no matter what the world thinks of us.
Sir, – First came disbelief and sheer horror, followed by tears when watching the English newscast yesterday, followed by a sense of desperation and despair. How can this be happening – this is not a movie, this is for real.
Freund’s article has it correct, a Palestinian pogrom in Jerusalem. Just like the writer, I, too, am tired of the meaningless mantras and barren babble of many of our politicians.
For Goodness sake, Jerusalem, our capital, is under attack. The blood of our fellow Jews, is crying out for action. I demand the dismantling of all Palestinian terrorist entities, once and for all. If not now – when????